At the beginning of the twentieth century, in the turbulent times, the war spread, and a large number of people in southern China fled to the relatively stable political situation of Nanyang.

At that time, in this place of Pianeng, there was a long-term worker who fell in love with Ms. Nyonya, but this relationship was not right. The two men were very painful each other, when Miss Nyonya’s father discovered his daughter and Long-term workers fell in love, angered to expel the long-term work, and sent Miss Nyonya to the UK to study, since then, the two separated.

In the early morning of December 8, 1941, the Japanese army landed in Malaya. The Nyonya family rushed to escape and their whereabouts were unknown.

After the end of the Second World War, the industry was in a slump. The long-time workers who had been driven away had learned architectural skills from the teacher and father, but abandoned the skill of the craftsmen as a tricycle driver.

He believes that there is a day, his beloved will come back!

He is still in the day-to-day, year-round, pulling the tricycle, silently waiting at the dock. . .

This year, when the durian was fragrant, he wiped the tricycle at the dock. A British gentleman took a Chinese lady to ask him for a car. He turned back – look, suddenly stopped, that – engraved, day Xuandi turned, the land is old, is she?

The Chinese lady saw him and instantly smiled! She didn’t look over her head to the distance.

They got on the bus, he was at the rear – stepping – stepping on. . .

The chain of the tricycle seems to be awkward. . .

is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her!

For the first time, he felt that the tricycle he stepped on was so hard and heavy!

From the pier to the E n O Oriental Hotel, it took only a fifteen-minute trip, but he seemed to have stepped on it for half a century. . .

Is she?

Only the chains screamed. . .

is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her! is her!

– It must be her!

but. . . The hotel is here!

The British gentleman asked about the fare. He scored five cents. The British gentleman was about to save money. She blinked red and quickly put money into his hand, indicating that there was no need to change.

At that moment, the two looked at each other and were silent. . .

what! It turns out she knows it is him! She knows!

The British gentleman urged her, she turned lightly into the hotel, and there was so-under, she almost stumbled.

He remembered that her father opened her back when she was expelled that year, but this time, she did not look back. . .

He later stayed at the hotel—waiting to see her again! But she didn’t come out again. . .

He understands!

When the night fell, he stepped on the tricycle – stepping – stepping back to Haishu New Road.

Under the quiet night sky, only the tricycle’s chain is dull.

Going to go, a thousand miles of smoke.

The bright moon hanging in the sky and the time when she was holding her hand – bright, somehow, his heart swaying – the melody, can not help but sing with tears and sorrow. . .

The tune is so sad, but the words are so simple.

“Tricycle, run fast, make a good wife on it, ask for five hairs, give – block, you are not surprised.”

After a few rainy seasons, no one saw this honest three-wheeled driver. However, the song he sang was passed down, and the slow-moving board was changed into a brisk nursery board. Changed to an old lady.

Ugh! Since ancient times, many sentiments have been hurt, and even more so, cold autumn festival!

It is said that those who have heard this story will still be in tears when they try to sing with the melody of the good and bad, then he is also waiting for another one!













从码头到E n O 东方酒店原本只要十五分钟的行程,他却彷佛踩了半世纪。。。






















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