I wanted to write this article to wish every one a Merry Christmas. I went to the Mall Of America today, and I couldn’t believe how busy the mall was! It seems everyone is out shopping last minute for gifts. I see lots of decorations at the mall and driving around. I did take some pictures and will post them.

Christmas to me means being with friends and family. I enjoy seeing my relatives which I don’t see too often. I get to eat alot of food and share presents with other family members. I like to relax and listen to holiday music. I think the music and lights get me in the Christmas holiday mood. I like Christmas songs like “All I Want for Christmas Is You” ” Drummer Boy” “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” “Last Christmas” “Jingle Bells” “Sleigh Ride” and many other songs, this is just a few of the songs i like to listen too.  If you want to list some of your favorite songs in the comment section below I would love to get some good recommendations of  your favorite Christmas holiday songs?

I know christians believe that December 25th is the birthdate of Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas implies that people should make Merry and enjoy in the celebration of his birth. I am not a religious person so in the past I used to go to church for a Christmas service, but i haven’t in years. Maybe I will this year?

I am happy this time of year but I know for alot of people Christmas can be a sad time. I know not everyone can afford gifts for there kids or relatives. I try to donate some money to the salvation army. I see the salvation army outside of shopping malls ringing bells even out in the cold and snow. I think these people are good people that do this, to help others and for a good cause. If you can help someone in need, they will never forget what you did for them. And this will help make the world a better place. I know people who donate there time and help out at shelters preparing food for homeless people. This is just great and also donating gifts to churches helps out alot of families that cannot afford presents for there kids.

🎄Merry Christmas Everyone!!! 🎄

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