Hey guys! It’s time to share something very important with you!

Nowadays all of us more or less are connected one way or another with the blockchain. Big percentage of us do investments in one of the many published or popping up ICOs that should be well-researched to make sure that the investment will be safe, secure, and with minimum risks.

In order to evaluete the ICO when we are doing our due diligence we need to be very careful and double check info, data, etc. So what we do?

There are many sites, you can find out tons of info related to ICO, or you can read discussions on many forums, get some clues and ideas to proceed further or stop on time. Many trusted websites disclose regularly info regarding ICOs, that are of huge help for all of us. But the final decision is always yours.

I have put together 10 signs of ICO SCAMs to watch out!


For me a fake team means everything is fake. I have seen some ICOs using even stock images. Some others behaving so suspiciously, because they are having the objective of remaining anonymous. Some founders and creators want to evade the public exposure, having different sorts of arguments, some of which sound understandable, but still….As the major indicator is the transparency it will be strange why this info needs to be hidden behind the curtains.


Check out the Development Team. When it comes to ICO any solid platform must have an experienced, professional Team that are familiar with everything related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. If the opposite is a raise red flag for me.


I always put a stress on Linkedin accounts both for the Team and for the Company. Check carefully when the accounts were created, if they are too fresh that is not a good signal.

  • EMPTY GITHUB REPOSITORY (only for the tech savvy)!

What is easy to check as most projects are open sourced. The code has to be related to Git wallet, if not, then walk away asap!


Weak white paper, that should not be the case with a legitimate, solid ICO. It is hard to dig out in the white paper the value of the product, and why do we have to become part of this platform. No clear explanation!?!?


It raises the red flag right away. The Grammar Mistakes I would put to be TOP RED FLAG. Why should the people behind the fake site invest time and resources into landing a strong website. If you have the feeling it does not just sound legit, most likely your sixth sense tells you the truth 🙂


It says a lot about the ICO, I would always like to see what has happened before, and what is due to happen. It is like the Business Plan for each project. Need to be familiar with the financial documentations, just to make sure I am fully aware where the potential contributions should go to.


Each ICO has its own Whitepaper, if you notice the copy – paste case, forget about this ICO. Something is wrong with it. Do not trust it, though it is not a 100% guaranteed sign for scam.


I have seen a platform offering a real estate purchases of a land, though it is not related with it at all.


Yeap it is not a joke. A Non – Blockchain Platform! This was one of the last signs I got to realize to exist. Turned out that some platforms do not pursue the goal of being fully decentralized. Keep an eye on that!    If it proves to be like that, walk away the hoax ASAP.

Keep in mind one of mine favorite quotes, as investment in the blockchain is very tempting, because you know that you invest in the Future Already In!

“It happens sometimes that your best investments are the ones you don’t make.”



This review is my subjective opinion and analysis, not investment advice.

original article: https://steemit.com/esteem/@yanipetkov/review-2-11-signs-of-scam-ico-for-beginners-e62a2dc667a07est

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    1. Yanika Post author

      Giorgio thansk a lot for stopping by!

      You know the saying: Everything is hard before it becomes easy 🙂

      When I started with the blockchain technologies, I even did not know the meaning of ” Blockchain” .LOL!!!

  1. Workin2005

    Good advice. The crypto community needs to regulate itself and keep the government out. I’d love to see a non official, agreed upon set of requirements for ALL startup ICO’s. In fact, I’m tempted to create an ICO around policing ICO’s. lol

    1. Yanika Post author

      We have to be well informed before we proceed further in any ICO. I have outlined the simplest signs that can make you raise a red flag about an ICO. There are many others, will go deeper into that soon.

    1. Yanika Post author

      But actually Adil I am here not 1000% right. Check this site. This project is well known over the net as a 1001% scam!

      The scheme is copy paste of bitconnect.

      Check out the Westlandstorage Project. Here the site is great indeed!

    2. Yanika Post author

      Meanwhile I want to see some more your posts. The last one was soo funny, I have bookmarked it. I like reading and watching different stuff about the Aliens and everything related to extraterrestrials.