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Hodgetwins Hack

First I want to talk about this video by these two funny guys. Misunderstand me correctly, I LOVE these guys and their funny weird videos. But they are two clowns clowning around which is mostly funny – , but  this time they apparently lost something like 1500EOS in a hack – and they are causing a lot of unnesecarry drama and FUD around it.

What happened was that they realised they had to move their EOS from an exchange to a private wallet. So what they did was to download a mobile wallet. MISTAKE number one. Don’t ever put 1500EOS in a mobile wallet. Mistake number two was to not due their due diligence. According to people on reddit, this wallet has been scamming people for a long time. But most importantly everyone: NEVER ever put all your EOS on a mobile wallet. Ideally don’t even put all your EOS on a single account. Buy a few accounts and put most of your EOS in staking. Have control over both active and owners key. And if you want to use the awesome Lynx or wallets on mobile, you have a dedicated account for that where you transfer tokens to. When I go on trips, I bring with me my mobile with a small EOS account on Lynx wallet with a few dollars worth of EOS in it – for the unlikely scenario if I meet someone who accept EOS or is interested in EOS. (Which will be more and more frequent in the future, so be ready!)

Love the Hodgetwins, but they screwed up this time. I urge them not to FUD this too much, but instead take responsibility of their own mess.



Speaking of which, I have to admit that I clowned things up a little bit lately myself. I was playing Pixelmaster and Bancor3d, and I started posting that I couldn’t find my pixel. I also posted that I didn’t receive withdrawal from Bancor3d. That being said, the withdrawal method included two steps which was a bit weird. But hands down, I shouldn’t have posted FUD before looking more into the issue. I didn’t quite realise that in such a small space such as EOS gaming space even my small gambling money or what I write in a chat has implications. Someone called me a mother*** a****. I think that was a bit harsh, but I do publicly (as EOSmastering obviously) apologise for being such a n00b. For the record, I did immediately report in the chat that it was FUD, and that I had bought in again. It only affected the price a little bit for a short while, but it went up and beyond. So no damage done, just a reminder that this space is small, and that we often have more influence and significance than we tend to believe. Our words do matter.




Now, what is Bancor3d? (referral link).

“The bancor was a supranational currency that John Maynard Keynes and E. F. Schumacher conceptualised in the years 1940–1942 and which the United Kingdom proposed to introduce after World War II. The name was inspired by the French banque or (‘bank gold’). This newly created supranational currency would then be used in international trade as a unit of account within a multilateral clearing system—the International Clearing Union—which would also have to be founded. In 2018, we project the bancor into reality. Here we compress the time and quickly test the game under the Bancor pricing model. We set up a prize pool which called Keynes’s reward for the winner of the game”

It’s basically a game where you buy keys, and when someone buys keys after you the value of your keys go up. When someone sells, you earn dividends. And in the end there is a pot going to the last bidder if the clock goes down to zero. All key holders in the end will receive an easter egg. Early hodlers will also get a portion of the pot when the game ends – which could be..never?

In other words, don’t go all in. But it IS working. I have withdrawn my dividends many times, and I have even made some EOS. There is only about 5000EOS in the game so far and about 130 players. It’s number 16 on Dappradar.


Pixelmaster and Pixelfun

Did you make money off of this? I did not. Unfortunately I went in with too much too late after making some profits at first. BUT, the good news is that the pot is still huge and I don’t see how (unless someone hacks the site or DDOS is or something like that) the game could potentially end any time soon. Either the rules continue to be 24h and none of the big investors that are in a massive loss would want to see that huge pot of more than 21,000EOS go to someone else. So unless the devs change the timer or some other rules to make the game go quicker, we are looking at veeery slow dividend payouts for months if not years to come. Same goes for pixelfun.



This is currently the most popular game with 1600 users daily, and a nice little upswing in volume the past days. The game is still doing it’s thing, and the devs are slowly developing the game. It’s getting a bit boring and it is not really giving much reward in terms of EOS anymore, but it is a game with a digital assets market – which is very cool.


Jacks Or Better

This is a new video poker game, where the goal is to get two jacks or better. Normal poker rules. You hold the cards you want to hold and then you get one more deal. Quickly lost 10 EOS on it, but earned some MEV-tokens.



EDNA Dividends

Have you staked your EDNA (E-DNA) tokens yet? I tried the weekly just to see how it works. I staked 25k tokens and gained almost 900 for one week. So now I decided to stake monthly instead. EDNA is a very cool project and the coin is actually quite cheap with a market cap around 1,4M USD. Try it out if you have some EDNA tokens!


And then lastly this time, let’s take a look at the markets.



It is getting narrower and narrower (for BTC) as we approach the “death cross” once again. Trading between 21 and 50 day moving average, the question is if we are able to break to the upside. Both moves would be significant. The green bullish trend line has been held a long time, and we have been testing 6000 level seven times the past 8-9 months. And we have been testing the descending bearish trend line five times since March 2018. So I’m pretty confident we will see a big move soon. In my mind I have been betting for a break down. Unfortunately that’s how I feel. Hopefully my gut feeling is completely wrong.

A move down will of course affect EOS, and our mood and ability to make good decision. So be prepared for a potential hard blow. Ready to see your portfolio lose half its value from TODAYS value? Brutal right?

Make sure you focus your attention towards other things than prices and your Blockfolio. I can’t stress this enough. Start writing good content on Trybe, engage and connect with people. Join a project, share information and sure, do some trades if you feel like you are owning the wrong coins. Accumulate and trade shitcoins that are undervalued and sell those that you believe are overvalued. I am going to make a grand overview over overvalued/undervalued EOS based tokens soon. So make sure you follow and stay up to date!


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  1. Edgar Holla

    I always enjoy your articles as a source of EOS info. I’m going to try Bancor3D now, and look into those EDNA I completely forgot I staked a while ago.

    And I agree with you about EOSKnights, even with the new additions there’s just not that much to do in the game. I’m really looking forward to Prospectors and hopefully tons of other good games on EOS as that’s where I really see the potential for EOS to shine in the short term.

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Thanks man! Appreciate that 🙂 I really hope prospectors is real 🙂 It sounds SO fun. I really want a great game to dive into, not just all these FOMO gambling sites. Although they are fun and even possible to make some money, it’s not what I prefer. I love strategy games and rpgs..and to be able to make EOS playing one would be so cool.

  2. Workin2005

    Really enjoying your posts @eosmastering. I hadn’t heard of the Hodgetwins loosing their EOS. If this particular EOS wallet was such a known scam, why was it still available on the Apple Store? Usually Apple screens their apps fairly well. If a scam does make it through, they usually remove it the second there’s suspected fraud. I completely agree the twins should take some responsibility. Moving that much EOS on a mobile wallet is obviously foolish. That said, I’d love to know how this hack took place.

  3. CryptosDecrypted

    Thanks @eosmastering for another wide-ranging update on things EOS. I’d missed that you could stake EDNA, so thanks for that. Also, sound advice on the possible direction the market might take – being prepared for the possibility of a severe drop will make it easier to cope with and allow you to properly assess the situation if, and when, it occurs. Cheers.

  4. Adil Elias

    I love the way you deliver the updates @eosmastering. Thanks for the info and the honesty, losing half the value could be a little rough for a while, I still hope it doesn’t come to it and the move would be upwards, but it’s certainly a part of the game and sooner or later things would move back to the opposite trend.