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Scatter Available for Firefox, Safari And Edge

Hello and welcome! Today there are some cool announcements. Perhaps most importantly Scatter finally available as a plugin for Firefox, Safari and Edge! Someone from EOSbet texted nsjames a code and one hour later they had CHECK on all browsers. And a problem they had had for quite some time was solved like that. CHECK! Read the whole story here. It’s quite amusing 🙂



This is an interesting find – basically a tool where you can see how much CPU resources the BP’s are using. Make sure you are on their asses, either through communicating with them or by voting. We want BP’s with upgraded hardware/good setup.


Chintai Leasing Platform Live

Or, it was for a brief moment. Right now it’s down for maintenance. This is a platform where you can rent out/lease EOS for developers (or anyone) that needs resources for a certain amount of time. Make sure you press the right button and not end up renting EOS from someone as you will be paying interest rates for that time period. I heard rumors that someone had messed that up and asked to borrow 3000 EOS at an interest rate of 40% instead of lending it out..I’m not sure to what degree you have messed up at that point, but just make sure you’re not that guy/gal. 



New Suggestions For Pixelmaster

The hype for these two games ( and the plagiarist bastard brother ) fell ass quickly as it rose. Dan Larimer, our God and saviour (peace be upon him) has joined the discussion and came up with two great ideas for how to get this corpse back on its feet.

1. End the game if the pot doesn’t grow 5% per day

2. Divide all or part of the jackpot among players who place pixels within the last 24 hour

So, let’s see what they implement. Perhaps we’ll see another pump. Right now this game is so slow that if one pixel is being bought every day and there is 1 million pixels, I am looking at something like 1 million days before one of my pixels are bought. And I need something like 1000 pixels to be bought before I break even. So one billion days which is if I’m not mistaken around 2,7 million years. Now thats long term HODLING!! Lucky great great x2 million grandchildren who will most likely look like this when they realise that their awesome great great x2 million grandpa left them with all these pixels dividends.

And finally, let’s take a look at something else that is depressing.


No, not that. I’m talking about the markets!


We are pretty much going to have to reverse today or tomorrow in order to hold this very long term bullish trend line. I personally don’t think we will (like I have been saying not only in my post yesterday, but before that as well) Momentum in crypto is lost, we lack adoption, and we are constantly being worked against by the powers that be. People have lost money and they are fearful which often is the right time to buy (buy when others are fearful, when blood in the streets etc) but I just have a feeling that we have seen nothing yet. At least that’s what I’m prepared for. Are you? Are you going to fight that depression – stay focused, selling shitcoins, buying in to new emerging good projects (yes, TRYBE for example) doing work, blogging, talking to people and enjoying life at the same time as your portfolio is redder than my face after a day in the sun?

This is just what I personally think is more probable. Perhaps 60/50? But I personally have no fiat to go in with. I’m locked and loaded. So I have nothing to gain on the markets going down. I sincerely hope that tomorrow I will be writing that look at that!? UP 20% and straight through that red bearish trend line. We’ll see.


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  1. Zeus69

    Thanks @eosmastering, I appreciated your last paragraphs after the facials, in particular, I am an active member in DISCORD, but seems very quite at times, maybe its because I am on the other side of the world, who knows, but I do enjoy TRYBE and the Discord, I think very well developed and growing.
    I also appreciate all the great articles, comments, etc.
    Mark (Zeus69) AKA Crypto Poet, LOL

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      You’re a great community member @zeus69! It’s quite quiet in there, for now…which is not too bad. 🙂 But there is a really cool community being built. Lot’s of talented and great people joining every day. Hopefully it will blossom into a beautiful flower! 😀

  2. Adil Elias

    Haha thanks for the entertaining and instructive read. I hope tomorrow’s post would have some good news in the markets so that the overall morale doesn’t suffer too much.

    P.S: 2,7 million years? Man that’s some serious Hodling 🙂