Let’s first start with the CPU proposal approval. This suddenly became a huge thing today as the rumor spread that there was a proposal out to increase the value of block cpu usage from 1000(10%) to 2000(20%). The reason for this proposal was the incredible increase in usage on the EOS network. Thanks to gambling dapps and daily users as high as 50,000 and 3,9 million transactions per day, the CPU allocation algorithm switched to congestion mode.

There were some concerns amongst some of the BP’s, mainly that this was a quick fix that didnt really solve anything long term and that it could potentially be dangerous for the network. Everything was however tested with great success and as many now have discovered the network is running smooth.

So, the EOS network is UPGRADED!

This is of course good for the gambling dapps and stakeholders. There were a lot of FUD while we were waiting for the upgrade as many ignorant users did not understand what was happening and why.


This ALSO shows how important it is to vote. Remember that you can use proxies that vote in your interest. If you for example is an eager gambler, it would be in your interest to use Betdice as a proxy, as they will vote for BP’s that support things like expanding CPU.

Another important thing is that Dan Larimer claims that this wont be an issue once the REX is up, which is finished and is being tested. I guess the REX will be here within a month, perhaps two. And with the CPU upgrade we should be good..but who knows, in four months we’ve not only surpassed Ethereum but we are 5-6 timer bigger. If we see exponential growth, the REX can’t come soon enough. With these numbers it’s never wrong to remind yourself that EOS is valued 1/4 of that of Ethereum..

General Market

Crypto had a small breakout these past few days, and right now we are correcting back to the moving averages. I have moved to being more bullish than I am bearish because of how strong the bearish trendline was, and the fact that we broke out of it. EOS is correcting down to the averages as well, however on lower volume, so I think we might see higher prices soon (this weekend)

Update On Gambling Dapps

I have been living in Telegram these past days trying to feel out which gambling dapps are the best and give the best rewards for stakers. In an earlier article I mentioned a few ones (Betdice, Endless, Biggame and Myeosvegas) I am still bullish on these, except that I’m a little bit more cold on Myeosvegas (it is btw dumping down 40% as I write this..so it could be a nice buying opportunity – not investing advice). But still a hold for me.

I recently took an interest in Eosdice (BOCAI) and today they announced dividends.  The first dividend will start at UTC+8 2018-11-9 21:00:00. 

Also another interesting mining game has appeared on EOSfun where instead a random number showing up, there is some sort of chart showing the different players bets in real time. It’s called “crash” game and it is running very smooth. It’s kinda fun! Nice dividend payouts right now with 100x tokens per bet.


I would also like to mention YUM as another interesting project. The team seems to look good and have some good ideas and thoughts. Market cap is low and soon it will be dice as well as dividends.

Another thing I have seen these past days which is sad are people who have put so called “suicide money” into these gambling dapps. As an old fox the best advice I can give to youngsters and inexperienced investors is to understand risk assessment. In order to do this in a good way you should know yourself well. How much money am I truly comfortable with losing? At the same time you don’t want to invest too LITTLE, because that won’t feel good either if this market truly booms. My strategy is mostly investing. I don’t speculate or trade. I buy project I have faith in and if the reasons for that good faith turns (lack of communication, not following up on promises, bad announcements etc) I might sell them. But my main strategy right now is to get involved with as many projects as possible because I think this is revolutionising the gambling industry. And if I can get some rewards for holding tokens I want to be a part of that. And the same way smart people bought Google stocks long ago alongside Yahoo, Bing and whatnot, one or a few might create life changing wealth for the investor while all the other fail. But only ONE is needed. And don’t believe for a second you are able to pick out the right one. Not investing advice, but make sure you feel yourself out a little bit how you would feel if you lost the money you put into a high risk project.

Ok, I think that is enough for today. A very exciting day, and I belive the ride will continue tomorrow. I think we will see some mooning projects in the gaming dapp industry on EOS in the coming days!

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