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It’s been a slow few days – nothing huge going on while we are waiting for the REX (Resource Exchange). We’re going to take a look at Dice tokens being listed on exchanges, as well as the future implementation of staking. Also going to take a look a few other small things – that are mostly reminders. But first let’s take a look at the markets.

We are always looking at Bitcoin, because it’s still BTC who decides which way the market moves. That will change – but for the unforseeable future thats just the way it is. As we have been discussing before, we are heading towards an area that technically indicates a lot of volatility. For the past month or so, we have not moved at all. As we are heading towards the red ascending bearish trend line, I expect the likelyhood of volatility to increase. Up or down? That’s hard to tell of course, and it is nothing more than guessing with a small edge. What weighs positive is that there is a very low interest in Bitcoin in the mainstream. People have forgotten about it. And most people have no idea about the developments being done in EOS, the Dapps wars and the bet games and decentralised exchanges. People around the globe, at dinner parties or at the grocery store would still look at you as an alien if you started talking to them about these things. Volume is low and seasonality is favouring a bullish reversal (usually crypto markets go up in the autumn)

What points to the bearish side is that I think most of us REALLY hope that this bear market is over now..and we know that it is a very easily manipulated market. How many more people can “they” shake out of it really crashes? BTC down to 3000 and EOS to 1$? Is it fair or logical? Of course not. Could fear and manipulation drive prices that low? Possibly.

So I am still bearish. Mainly for my own mental health. I am fully invested and not trading, except for some shitcoins and new projects on EOS. I like to be prepared for the worst.

But in case of a bullish reversal – we would first need to break through that red line with some force. If we then continue towards $7500 with some volume – I will slowly start to believe.

Dice Staking

There are many of these games now, but I think betdice is one of the more interesting ones. They are thinking creatively and are now doing some fun promotions. First, you can draw a lucky number every day for simply logging in. Potentially you can win 50 EOS, more likely you will win 0,0005EOS. Also, if you log in now (I’m not sure how long it will last) you will receive 1000 DICE tokens. DICE was listed on exchanges yesterday and is currently trading for 0,000170EOS on Newdex. That is approximately EOS0,001 or USD$1 per account. Also they have some special dividends deal where you currently get 50 DICE tokens per 1EOS bet. It was 100DICE per 1EOS yesterday, so it seems to be a special offer that decreases every day. 50DICE = 0,00005 EOS, so if you risk 1EOS and play 100 times you will win 4800DICE. Now that is 0,048EOS. So you are risking 1EOS to win 0,048EOS – at it’s current market cap around 360,000EOS or 2,1m USD. Also, keep in mind that the dividends from playing will decrease. So there is NO point in risking EOS to earn these tokens. If you are interested in them because of the future STAKING possibility (which is indeed interesting, and I will write about it when it’s live) I suggest you go on Newdex and just put in some orders instead of wasting your EOS with betting.

Is the market cap op 2,1m USD low or high? Well right now they are turning over more than 860,000EOS or 5M USD from more than 11k users. So their daily turnover is twice as high as their mcap. The question is, will it last. If it does I believe it’s quite cheap. Of course not investing advice – and be aware that these things are associated with HIGH risk right now.

From Telegram


11/10 Start Staking (3 days perparation for the first dividends ensure fairness, it’s relatively large)

14/10 Start Dividends (hourly payout to platform balance, auto payout will be available later)

1. 8 decimal places is supported on platform balance for any tokens, so you won’t lose anything even you just got a little ratio.

2. You can claim the rewards anytime with at least 0.0001EOS (it’s the smallest amount of EOS)

3. What tokens we earn, what tokens you receive. even DICE.

4. Related numbers (wagered, payout, net profit, house edge, etc.) will be announced tomorrow.


The Crypto Peso

The Crypto Peso or simply P$O, is a token on the EOS blockchain, based on the same technical characteristics of the EOS token itself, powered by EOS Venezuela Block Producer.

The technological platform of the Crypto Peso offers a modern economic system at the service of venezuelan citizens and the international EOS holders community.

The particularity of the P$O is that being an EOS-based token, all its transactions are free and almost instantaneous. Global and tradable on the crypto market, the entry pass of an economy of more than $200 billion dollars. These characteristics make the P$O a monetary unit as free and more scalable than cash, all the coin wedging and note bill impression costs disappears.

Essentially, it’s a crypto currency based off of EOS that has been created by one of EOS’ block producers EOS Venezuela for a people in severe economic distress. I haven’t read too much into it yet, but I am definitely interested and we should also support any effort people are doing to create a better economic system in a country where socialism and fiat currencies has failed completely. We need to support that. Imagine if crypto currencies save Venezuela..At the current price you can get a potentially future national currency for prices that reflect a mcap of only 96k EOS or 576K USD. I’ll throw in a few EOS and support it – and also for the potential mad gainz. Even if you just speculate, you help price discovery which helps set the correct price. We all play our role, none of which are bad or immoral.

Read more about the Crypto Peso here

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  1. Zeus69

    mmmm, 3 in 1 articles, I love it, thanks mate, you are special at writing very valuable articles, you are well researched and a real asset as many others are on this site.
    Thank you keep writing please.
    I also believe in the assisting of alleviating of certain countries poverty issues, my country seems to be on its way in the negative direction as well, but I am ready, I am invested in crypto, 🙂 full marks for your work.
    Thank you and Regards,
    Mark (Zeus69)

  2. Adil Elias

    Another great update. A lot of interesting things building up. 🙂 The Crypto Peso is such a great name! If it helps enough people, maybe others would try to create something similar in other parts of the world, the crypto Yen, the crypto Ruble… It could be fun.