Allright! Another crazy day in EOS. We had some hacks, some crazy dividend payouts, CPU issues and I am also going to share some EOS stats with you But first, let’s take a look at the overall market!

The entire crypto market has been flatlining since this summer. We are hovering around 200B mcap, and I believe that is a good thing. The longer we stay there, the longer we build a solid structure. I think the long term chart for crypto looks very promising, but as I have said before, I don’t really care that much because we WILL be decoupled from Bitcoin very soon. Not only EOS to be fair, but all individual protocols that can provide some real life value for people. With 30-40k daily dapp users on EOS (which is 90% of the entire crypto/blockchain world) we are truly in the early beginnings even if I realise that that phrase has become so overused that it’s almost emberrasing to even say “early days”.

EOS Benchmarks


Thanks to Eostitan for these charts 

As you can see the avg transactions per second has been going through the roof the past month and so has CPU utilisation. As we talked about (twice) yesterday, a proposal to implement let’s just call it more CPU to the network was agreed upon by BP’s and implemented. But we need long term solutions. Dan Larimer said in a chat yesterday that this will be solved with the REX that will most likely be out within a month or so.

Gambling Dapp Hacks

So for anyone not realising how dangerous (for your economy) these speculative gambling sites are, two or even three hacks today should be a good reminder. EOSdice.vp (BOCAI) was properly rekt this morning.

I was unfortunately staked so I took a 90% nosedive in this. I’m trying to unstake my tokens now, and maybe if I’m lucky I can sell it to some speculators. Who knows. I just consider the tokens gone and lesson learned. I am not encouraging you to buy this token, just to be clear. Admins and devs are nowhere to be seen, so this is almost 100% a exit scam, or they committed harakiri (let’s hope not) It looks like they even made some random guy admin to take the blame. Haha.

Another one was MEV (myeosvegas). This one was a bit more unexpected as I believe the team are not scammers. They have paused the game and at least they communicate that they are trying to fix it. They claim to be working with engineers and they ask for peoples patience. I tend to believe them, but unfortunately so much damage is being done with these hacks. I hope they are able to bounce back – (un)fortunately I don’t own any tokens anymore.

The third hack was said to be the new crazy site EOSjacks. These guys were actually bigger than Betdice for a while yesterday, and people were mining like crazy. Dividends were even crazier as people got back 50-70% ROI in the first payout. Unfortunately there were some issues with payout as well as many having CPU issues. The payout is about half of what it was yesterday today, with a payout pool of over 30k EOS. Pretty solid, but I doubt they can keep this up for long. I am invested and biased. They seemed to be able to resolve the hack very quickly as I didn’t even notice anything was wrong. It could have been FUD even.

Good News For Others

Like many others I am trying, learning and failing. Asking many stupid questions and probably being quite annoying, although many dm me and tell me they appreciate layman and investor opinions. Eospokerwin has one of the ugliest UI’s, but they have a solid working product. They offer something that others arent, and they are going to update the UI this weekend hopefully AND they talk about actual pvp poker within a few weeks. That is huge. The team is active and eager on Telegram and listens to the investors. The investors feel a little more mature and serious and it is clear that this is one of the longest surviving projects, and they are paying out stable dividends at around 15-20EOS per 10K staked tokens per day.

Another one is ET (endless) They seem to bounce back every day with dividend pools and players. They communicate very well with their investors and players as well. And they got a lot of new updates and feats.

EosKnights Contests (win Trybe)

I haven’t tried out the contest yet, but they seem to be some kind of crafting contest. You craft a certain item, and you have create a high % item as possible to participate in the contest. Win 50 EOS and 30,000 Trybe. This contest is actually sponsored by Trybe! I’m not a huge fan of EOSknights, but they have been the most popular dapp in terms of users for a long time. So congrats to them!


ZKS disappointment

I was quite happy about ZKS earlier. They offered a short term solution to the CPU issue. Basically they leased out CPU for a fee (the zks token). First they airdropped 31 ZKS to all accounts and then you could buy it on Newdex. The idea was that when you were low on CPU you could send ZKS through their site from another account and thus boost your CPU with 0,9 EOS per 1zks for 3 hours. So a pure utility token. And I liked it. I bought quite a lot as insurance in case I could not delegate enough CPU from my other accounts to for example my gambling accounts. Today I needed it desperately as my CPU was sky high. But the site did not work as THEIR CPU was through the roof. That’s OK I guess..not great at all, but if they could at least communicate and answer when people ask. This is what they say now;

“Hey all we hit a limit yesterday, we are releasing more resources shortly so this hopefully won’t happen again”

Something tells me it WILL happen again. But OK..not a scam or anything, just hate when things you buy don’t work. Hope the guys behind has learned something. I certainly have.

And finally, let’s make a quick recap of what happened today in all the other blockchains combined.

And that’s a wrap!


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  1. Miguel A. Cabanes

    Hi there!
    The words “decoupled from Bitcoin soon” it almost makes me horny!
    I personally play EOSKnights and I like it so much but damn, Ican’t not even get a single object for those contests! He, he!
    Thanks for the summary of events!

  2. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian

    Thanks for the updates. Yes investing these dApps is like a roller coaster ride, but if you diversify you are bound to find the “right” one that is successful and pays out for you long term. I know there have been hacks but is there a list of documented EOS exit scam” somewhere?

  3. AALS

    This was a great read EOSMastering, I had bought some Bocai before reading your post now just waiting on what to do , with so many dapps to research patience is a must, thanks for your insight.