Stellar is currently ranking as #6 on Coinmarketcap with the price $0.105581 and market capitalization of $2+ billion. Well, numbers might change when you read this post, but I decided to leave a screenshot from CMC.

In this article I decided to focus on Stellar-based projects, I hope you will find this information useful and maybe will check some of them.


Cgig is a Crypto-Fiverr, particularly Stellar-based project which uses XLM as inner currency. As crypto-ethusiast I think that we need to have as many crypto-alternatives for established web services as possible. For example for blogging and social media we have Trybe and Steemit, and there are many promising projects in different areas. Cgig is a good application with can become both Fiverr-type of micro-tasks and platform for biggest job opportunities.

For example, I listed 2 services, one big marketing package, and another – Twitter-retweet for $5 (you can see it on the first screenshot in the bottom right corner). For the latter service soon I had an order. After completion of it and approval in 2 days, I received payment.

I was successfully able to withdraw it instantly (after it appeared on my balance) by clicking on “Telegram” icon and entering my XLM wallet.

2. Smartlands (SLT)

This is the first Stellar-based project which I heard about. I took part in bounty during the times of ICO. This project is on Coinmarketcap and price of 1 SLT is $3.20 now

Also I need to tell that Smartlands scammed me on bounty – didn’t pay my tokens. The amount was less than $100 but what I didn’t like is their attitude – they banned me from their Telegram for just asking the question. But as you can see from screenshot below I’m their customer, I opened wallet there, transferred XLM, opened trustline… Maybe it’s topic of another article, but if they scammed me on $100 they can scam you for much bigger amount, so I feel I need to mention it.

It’s also example that even if project is more or less well-known – it doesn’t mean they can’t scam you.

3. Ternio (TERN)

TERNIO (CoinmarketCap link) claims to provide the scalable and decentralized blockchain framework capable of over 1 million transactions per second. Currently there are 2


Mobius is a mobile wallet (available at AppStore or Google Play) which is designed to store assets and conduct easy crypto-commerce. There is also DApp Store where you can pay with MOBI. For the moment there are 12 Dapps, including Stellarball, Flappy Bird, Crypto Tactic and others. Currently, MOBI price is $0,014925


Repo Coin is a blockchain project focused on the auto lending and repossession industry. Repo provides a solution that will result in the faster, more efficient recovery of assets for auto lenders by bringing together a large community of people to assist in locating delinquent vehicles, motivated by cryptocurrency rewards. Repo Coin mobile app plans to provide license plate scanning and recognition technology to a large community of users across the USA, free of charge and easy to use. They plan to disrupt and transform the $1 billion dollar auto repossession industry with cryptocurrency solution.

And what’s more exciting – While many crypto-startups give away merchandise or tokens, Repo is giving away cars! They allocated 1 million of tokens (that’s more than $500 000, right now 1 REPO is $0,536466) for bringing cars to those who need them. The potential winners should make application on the website, explaining why do they need a car, and Repo token holders vote, each month the person who gets most votes – will need a car. That’s one of the most interesting giveaways I’ve seen in blockchain space)

6. SureRemit SureRemit (RMT)

SureRemit is an ecosystem of merchants for global non-cash remittances, powered by blockchain technology. Their main target is “You and 250 million other immigrants remit about $600bn annually“.

SureRemit App is available on AppStore and Google Pay and token is listed on Coinmarketcap. Currently RMT price is $0,003686

7. Pedity (PEDI)

Pedity Platform is decentralized content reward platform powered by Stellar and IPFS. Users can share content, earn rewards, get tipped and also setup goals and get crowdfunded by the community. The alpha version is already live and 0.2 should be coming around February 2019.

Main difference from the competition they think is:

On Pedity, you get various different rewards that are not based on votes but based on your content such as fixed rewards, recurring rewards, tip rewards and stellar inflation rewards.

PEDI costs now $0,000645 (CmC) and although I don’t like the name (it brings me association with Pedigree pet food), I will sign up either for new alpha version or for the beta version in future to check it.

8. SIX

SIX aims to be the Internet of Digital Services, providing decentralized solutions for all kinds of transactions in the digital and creative economies. The infrastructure which they build includes SIX Digital Asset Wallet, Decentralized Financial Services, and Wallet-to-Wallet (W2W) Decentralized Commerce, SIX BlockChain Startup Fund.

There is also SIX alliance which includes: 40+ digital and creative startups in Thailand, Korea, and Southeast Asian countries, 1M+ content creators, social media influencers, comic writers, VDO producers, actively working in our platforms, 10M+ active users in SIX’s alliances’ platforms.

SIX costs now $0,009294 with the capitalization of $2.5+ million (CmC) and their evaluation is over 4 billion USD from SIX’s alliances combined.

9. Factr

Factr aims to bring decentralized, immutable Blockchain technologies to the logistics and freight industry, advancing and enhancing supply chain transparency, and enabling trusted global freight, fleet and logistics transactions management.

The demo version of FactR is available on the official web-site and FTR is available on several Stellar exchanges.



So 9 projects briefly reviewed in this article.

If you have something to add or some Stellar-based project in mind which you suggest – please let me know in comments! 

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  1. Infosion

    Thanks for reminding me about TERNIO! Totally forgot that they are also related to Stellar. Even wrote an article about them a few months ago here .. 😉
    Some interesting projects you gathered there, thanks for summing them all up and telling about your expereince with them!

  2. Julia Williams

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    **Five Stars for your beautiful efforts.**

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    1. Cryptotexty Post author

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