10 Things i have learnt in the 1.5 years i’ve been in crypto.

1. Bitcoin is king. Sure BTC might be old and slow but its also the most decentralized which for governments and large companies is the most important thing. Money or store of value needs to be extremely decentralized. Bitcoin is also by far the most well known. BTC will be king for a long time to come.

2. Blindly investing in alts or ICO’s and making bank is no longer a thing, this ended a while ago.

3. Crypto is still way off from mass adoption. Right now i can pay for anything instantly, free, anywhere and no passwords required with my bankcard, With cypto this isn’t possible yet but the community is working on it. Most people dont care about finance as long as it works and its easy.

4. Im a EOS fan boy. EOS is the best crypto i have used along with Steem i feel these to coins are miles ahead of the pack.

5. I have gotten over the fact i could of been a millionaire if it wasnt for the stupid exchange rejecting my id when bitcoin was at $400 then me getting lazy and forgetting about it. thinking about it i haven’t :S.

6. You cant win gambling full stop. I have known this all my life i still gamble within reason as its fun just wanted to add this as to many people think with the right “system” they can profit from gambling, you cant not with crypto or casino’s.

7. People cant handle criticism of there favorite Altcoin.

8. Watching the live stream of the near flippening of Bcash and Bitcoin was crazy.

9. Why do people think ripple will go to 500 or 1000 dollars? seriously thats a multi trillion dollar market cap its not going to happen.

10. All this crypto cartel or people manipulating Bitcoin etc is way over blown. The reason people the prices are falling is obvious people are selling and its not longer the flavor of the month.

Bonus.  Airdrops are awesome on EOS . On Ethereum you have to do alot of things to claim them and then you never even get them.

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This is not professional financial advice please do your own research before making any investments.

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  1. sandwichbill

    I agree with your points and I remember Bitcoin being about $100, but before I got round to taking action, it had fallen to $60, so I got cold feet. I also wish I’d invested in Steem when it was 17c. The list goes on.

  2. B-S

    Great blog, thanks for sharing! I agree with you especially when it comes to mass adoption. At the moment I see good approaches in this matter. From blogging platforms, wallets and exchanges to DApps and their usability. I think the market is on the right track. The bear is certainly not so bad in this respect, at least for some projects. The proven systems can tackle the displayed limitations by overloading and development teams have time to realise visions. It will definitely be exciting.

  3. Ruth

    Good writing –
    Plz correct this part Point number 4. ” along with Steem i feel these to coins ”
    It should say ” along with Steem i feel these TWO coins”
    So to to two
    Also over all over you your article Use UPPER case I not i