We all love to make money because of several reasons known to us. I believe there are some things that we will surely require money to do in some part of our lives and this explains why most people work to earn today. Making money may not be easy as it seems though but there are various ways of making money depending on how exposed you are.

On this post, i will be sharing how you can earn more money on steemit with just your steemit account but most importantly, you must be ready to make money!. You must be determined and consistent about it even though it may easily be said and difficult to practice. There are lots of steemit users earning cool cash on steemit because they really understand how to go about it. Some won’t want to share with you because you don’t actually know there are more things you can do with your steemit blog to earn more money for yourself. I don’t really like talking much! Let’s get down to business.


These Few Things Can Earn You More Money With Your Steemit Account

I took my time to come up with the below ways of earning more money on steemit since it will be of a great advantage to most minnows on steemit and many other people who may be reading this blog. Remember the first thing you need to get is your steemit account because it is the most important tool that will be used to fetch you more money on the platform.

Another important thing to consider is your digital skill!…Anyways, don’t worry i will discuss more about that either on this post or my coming blog posts.I suggest you stay updated by following me @hardaeborla for more beneficial posts. Grab your pop corn and a drink and read along this post as i guide you on how you can make more money on your steemit blog.


Do you know you can earn more steemit tokens( steem, SBD and steem power) on your steemit blog just by providing quality content?…Well, i know some minnows may think it’s impossible because they’ve been doing it but no difference. This is where the keyword known as “consistency” comes in. This means you have to keep providing quality posts and you also have to stay consistent on what ever you do. I hope to write about*** how to make quality posts on steemit*** since some people don’t really know what quality post is all about and how it looks like.

Most steemit users whom you observe earning huge post payout were able to make more money from their post because of it’s quality. I love reading posts or articles that can add more value to me and not posts that i will end up regretting wasting my time after reading. This explains that Quality sometimes beats Quantity from my perspective. I don’t even end up reading such posts which has no value other than lengthy words, how do you then expect me to give a full upvote for that?

I think the major reason some steemit users lacks quality in their posts is because they don’t really know the type of niche they belong to. Some people see stemit as a get rich quick steem which makes them think they can write anything they have no knowledge about with the intention of making money. Anyways, if you fall under such category i will suggest you change your mindset and focus on what you are good at doing. Don’t imitate others just because you wana earn like them.Focus on yourself and ask yourself what am i good at? what can i write best about? what can i do better than any other person on steemit? If you’ve answered the question from your heart, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section so that i can assist you on how you can more money with your gift on steemit.

I guess the concept of making quality posts on steemit is really helping some great steemit users like @hatu who loves to write about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, @crypto.piotr who is so passionate about blockhain technology,@dobartim who creates lovely poems,@chbartist who is a great content writer,@jpm an who writes is a religious(christian) blogger just like @englishbible, @arcange a witness that makes post about the statistics of steem, @edumaths who teaches Mathematics to all steemit users as a charity for #edu-venezuela . There are more great steemit users apart from the once i have listed who provide quality posts on their blogs by sticking to their niche even though i can’t mention all o f them to save time and energy used in typing.

There is high chance you gain more followers or audience apart from earning cool payouts when you engage in writing quality posts. ***Writing quality posts may take time and research though, but believe me it can earn you much money and followers if you are consistent with it.

What if i can’t provide quality posts on steemit because i am afraid i may not earn cool payouts after my strenuous effort?……***Don’t worry, there is another easy way out to make money on steemit if you can’t write quality posts. This is very easy to do and it is mostly done by the smart steemians to earn more bucks on the platform and this is known as “Commenting”.


One of the best ways to earn few bucks on steemit without blogging or writing strenuous articles on your blog post is by making reasonable comments on people’s posts preferable the whales or steemit users with cool steem power. I guess you can now know the main reason behind the numerous comments you tend to notice on most steemit whales posts or steemians with high steem power.

I have earned more than $5 just for making comment on people’s posts and i am hoping to earn more few bucks just by commenting. It is always preferable you make quality comment on people’s posts such that it won’t look like you spammed to avoid getting flagged.*** I suggest you read and understand what the author or writer has posted before making comment as this may enable you earn full upvote for your comment.***

I also suggest you visit the trending page posts on your steemit account feed and make reasonable comment with high quality post because such places are always competitive to earn cool upvotes and this is why you have to make a unique and good quality post to win the heart of the author. I am also hoping to write more about earning cool bucks just by making comment on people’s posts on my coming blogs and i will give out some people you can follow,set up ginabot notification on Discod and start earning cool cash just by commenting on their posts…..Stay updated!

What if i don’t wana write anything and i also don’t wana make comment. Is there any other way to earn without writing and commenting?—– Hmmm…mhen! …..Don’t be a lazy type bro! If you don’t don’t wana write or comment at all i suggest you start upvoting and resteeming people’s posts.


Do you know that you get rewarded just by upvoting people’s posts on steemit?.. Well don’t be astonished because that’s just the fact. You can gain more steem power just by upvoting other people’s content but you end up gaining few bucks for your upvote.

What about resteeming ?

I think you will need more followers to be able to earn by rendering resteem services. It is advisable you build more followers by resteeming people’s posts for free just by making them follow you.*** It is advisable to pay the price now by attracting more followers even though it won’t be easy at first and when the time comes, you can start monetizing your resteem services at an affordable rate. ***I think it took time for resteem services like @all.cars, @followforupvotes,@dumituru,@superpromoter,@raise-me-up,@obaku,@hottopic,@resteemyou and many others.

I hope you can see these two things doesn’t requires any writing or commenting except few.

What if i want to earn real cash that doesn’t involve earning steem?—-Hmm..That’s a tough one there bro!….I will tell you what to do about that and i suggest you don’t set your post settings to “No reward” so that you can transfer the steem you earn from the blog post to me since you don’t want steem….(Lols).. That sounds funny though but do you actually know you can real currencies,i mean real currencies not cryptos with your steemit account !


One of the most important tools used by most successful affiliate marketers is a blog or website. Do you know you can start making additional reward apart from your steemit rewards just by engaging in affiliate marketting with your steemit blog. You own your blog and you decide whatever you wish to do with your blog depending on your niche.

Most bloggers from wordpress, blogger and guest writers are earning from affiliate marketing, then what is stopping steemit users from delving into affiliate marketing ?…..I will surely extrapolate more on affiliate marketing in my coming blogs and i can assure you that you can earn real cash just by referring people to buy some certain products using your referral link.*** Don’t you think this is similar to Airdrop?***


Airdrop shouldn’t be new to most of us here because most steemit users engage in airdrops. I am sure most of us took part in the byteball airdrop organized by @punqtured wereby most steemians were able to earn bytes depending on their reputation and their number of referrals.

There is currently an airdrop organised by @steem.ninja in support of @oracle-d which has to do with creating steemit account for people with delegated steem power for 90 days. I suggest you sign up here

I suggest you read @flash07 posts if you intend to know more about ICOs and Airdrops.


You can also make your business visible or make other people’s business more known to people by advertising their business on your steemit blog. You can earn cool cash just by promoting people’s businesses or promoting blockchain technology.

I know of some steemians who advertise their product or business on steemit just like @finiteclothings who knows about fashionable wears that will make you look more cute and lovely. I also know @crypto.piotr as someone who can help you promote blockchain , i also know @edumaths to be a maths tutor and i know myself to be a content writer and a blogger.

All you need to do is to have more followers and make sure you are passionate about promoting people’s business just like you own the business.


I use this medium to thank @surpassingoogle in courtesy of @steemgigs for creating such a profitable and online working platform for steemians to earn more steem or SBD judt for rendering their services on the steem blockchain.

Steemgigs and Utopian are freelancing platform with lots of digital internet marketers who are ready to help you carry out your tasks such as writing, coding, graphics design,etc at an affordable rate on the steem blockchain. This implies that you can work on steemit as a freelancer to earn more steemit tokens depending on your negotiation with your client.

The most important thing you should posses is your digital skill. The more perfect your work is, the more your chances of earning more client and the more your chances of earning more cool cash.


Are you surprised about this point?…Well, don’t be surprised…it’s the fact!. You can earn more steemit tokens just by playing games on the steem blockchain. What a very easy way to earn more money on steemit. This will be a great advantage for gamer lovers as they can earn just by enjoying themselves with lovely games on the steem blockchain. These are some of the few games i know about;

[email protected]



[email protected]

These are the few games i can think about for now since i am not an adventure game freak. I hope we have sport games like football and action games built on the steem blockchain when it’s time.


The most widely used method of earning by steemians is by making use of steemit dApps. The dApps are built on the steem blockchain nsuch that you get rewarded in steem for making use of such websites or Apps. These set of websites or Apps also makes blogging more easier and interesting for steemit users and it also enbales them to earn more steemit rewards.

I will make a list of some set of dApps which i have tested and i can guarantee you that you can earn more steemit rewards with them provided you know how to use them in the right manner.

– MUSING: Musing is a decentralized Question and Answer platform which is built on the steem blockchain. This implies that you earn rewards for just asking questions and providing answers on the steem blockchain.I do call it a blockchain paying Quora Platform.

There are lots of users who might have heard about musing and there are also consistent known musers like @julietisrael, @niel96 ,@luueetang and many other great musers who provide quality answers to steemians questions asked on the steem blockchain. As an expert on musing, i have earned cool cash just by providing quality answers to people question on the steem blockchain. I suggest you [email protected] for more information and you can also engage on the site by logging in with steem connect via https://www.musing.io

– ESTEEM: Esteem is a steemit application developed by @good-karma for the main purpose of developing and promoting the steem blockchain. I always make use of @esteemapp whenever i intend to write articles with my smartphone because it is mobile friendly and easy to use.

You also stand the chance of earning upvote from esteem just by posting your blog post link on the esteem discod channel. I suggest you download the latest esteem app on playstore or check on @good-karma latest post for more info via https://steemit.com/esteem/@good-karma/esteem-mobile-2-0-8-speaks-5-more-languages-reward-in-many-currencies-and-more

– DTUBE: If you want to start earning more steemit rewards by posting videos or v-logging, i suggest you make use of dtube. Dtube can earn you more steemit rewards by posting quality videos

on the steem blockchain. You are free to make video tutorials, motivational speaking, comedy skit or any other thing you may be very good at.

There are tons of great dtube users earning cool cash for their nice videos on dtube just like @coruscate, @themediahousenet, @papa-pepper, @joeparys and many great v-loggers.

You can start using dtube by logginin with steem connect via https://d.tube

– BUSY: Busy is one of my best dApp i use for typing whenever i make use of my pc. It’s just so easy and lovely to use. I also love it’s notification features as it enables me to know what is happening on my steemit account.

You can visit https://busy.org

– APPICS: Appics is also one of my favorite steemit dApps. I just can’t wait for the implementation of SMT to start earning my xap tokens. @appics keep growing because you truly reward passion!


The last but not the least is you telling us how you make money on steemit as this will be beneficial for other steemit users who may come across this post later in the future. Feel free to tell us your view about how one can earn more money on the steem blockchain.

Thanks for reading and i hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead. I will be making another post next weekend, i hope you won’t want to miss it.

You can read through my Steemit blog via  https://steemit.com/money/@hardaeborla/10-ways-to-make-more-money-with-your-steemit-account

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