WOW is this a fun ride!  With each and every sale we get, the site can only get better.  The Trybal council has a LOT of good things in store for version 2.0.  Your support of our endeavor strives us to make Trybe the site that all the other sites will want to be.

In this vein, what actually makes up a good site?  Some people think that you can just write a blog and people will beat down your door and shower you with money and retweets and all kind of internet fame and fortune.

1.) Design a good home page:  You only get one chance to make a good impression.  Once you have your web server optimized (See my previous article you have to draw your audience in.  This is where you sell the sizzle, not the entire steak.  Be informative and tell your viewers just what you are going to do for them.  Tell your audience how you are going to crush your competition.  Be unique in the look and feel of your site because if you’re a cookie cutter and have a mediocre product or idea, you’re going to drown.

2.) Make your website Mobile friendly:  Everyone has a smartphone these days.  Statistics say (as well as raw observation) that you are going to get a majority of your traffic from the mobile phone.  Make your site in a responsive format and minify, optimize and cache-ify!  If you REALLY want to hitch your wagon to this star, find something that makes your site AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) ready.  It can only help your cause.

3.) Include a clear and concise “Contact Me” page: Your website should tell a LOT about you, but in case your message wasn’t clear to someone, give them an easy way to talk to you.  Whether its a Form submission, phone number, or email address (Make sure your website can obfuscate it, otherwise you’re going to get a HUGE amount o’ SPAM), make it clear, make it human accessible, and make it S-I-M-P-L-E!

4.) Have a Powerful Call To Action Phrase: You can talk and talk and talk all you want but until you incite your visitors to do something, they won’t!  Include calls to action on the home page and some clear direction on the ideal action you want visitors to take.  Some examples are “Buy TRYBE now while it’s still HOT” or “Earn popular TRYBE tokens for your written word!” or “Be excellent and earn TRYBE.”

5.) Build a Personal Connection with Your Audience: Don’t be a droner when you write your script.  Know your audience and talk to them at a human level, not an uber technical level.  Make it easy enough that not only Neil DeGrasse Tyson can understand but Ma and Pa Kettle can understand what you’re saying.  If you lose your audience here, you lose sales.

6.) Make Short and Sweet Menus: Don’t put a lot of options to start out with.  Make the categories general enough to encompass everything in your site. Once you have that, only go like two or three levels deep (Unless it’s a tag based/category based searchable menu heading then go absolutely nuts on that) or you’ve lost your audience. 

There’s a ton more that I can put here, but I have to save something for later, don’t I?

So until next time, BUY TRYBE!!!! BUY TRYBE!!!! BUY TRYBE!!!! (Or earn it via some hard work, it’s up to you!)

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