The active steemians have not escaped the Steem Monsters hype. Nearly Everybody loves Steem Monsters! But what about blockchain gamers outside the Steem ecosystem? This article is aimed at all those who are not yet registered with steemit but are interested in blockchain games on the Steem blockchain.

This article is about 10 important things you should know about the blockchains game Steem Monsters!

Wait, what is Steem Monsters? Steem Monsters is a collectible card game on the Steem blockchain. You can buy, sell and trade your cards. You can also compete against other gamers in large tournaments, to win STEEM, SBDs, upvotes, cards and card packs.

Okay, let’s go…

10 important things

  1. You can win at least 1,000 SBD in the first Mega-Tournament! According to the founders of Steem Monsters, the tournaments will have the highest prizes ever seen in the blockchain gaming landscape! You can win STEEM, SBDs, upvotes, cards and card packs on a daily basis.
  2. Steem Monsters now offers 5% affiliate commission on the booster packs you purchase. The decisive factor here is the fact that you also receive commission for all future purchases. We are talking about lifetime commissions! The highest affiliate commission in the last 48 hours is 51.550 STEEM and goes to Marcus Wahl. Congratulations to @marcuswahl!
  3. Steem Monsters now offers a Kickstarter campaign where you can buy cards that are very limited.
  4. Steem Monsters sold booster packs worth $600,000. The most expensive card was sold from a User for $2,000. The User @haejin has bought cards for over $20,000. You can farm a lot of STEEM/SBD/USD currently! The Kickstarter campaign reaches $62,000.
  5. In just two weeks the Steem Monsters tournaments will finally start, where you can win STEEM/SBD. So you’ll be there before the tournaments start if you start right now. You’re not too late to benefit from the advantages of a first-mover.
  6. The two founders @aggroed and @yabapmatt are well-known, popular, established and trustworthy steemians who have built great trust within the steemit community. The steemians of this blockchain have no doubt that these two will do an amazing success with this game. The two founders have already raised over $600,000 and now they have the capital needed to make an incredibly good game.
  7. Already 1,500 steemians has registered an Steem Monsters Account and there are more and more. The active steemians have not escaped the Steem Monsters hype. Steem Monsters are already the biggest hype on the Steem blockchain so far.
  8. The start is easy! You only need $10 to start and have a full deck of cards to fight in tournaments. It’s not an annoying pay to win system. Everyone has the same chances. Win or lose, your cards will gain experience points, making them stronger for your next fight.
  9. The optional booster packs that include 5 cards cost only $2! For example, a booster pack may contain a legendary Lord of Darkness worth $5 or one of the most valuable golden legendary Selenia Sky worth $2,500. Opening the booster packs is fun and addictive!
  10. The handling is very simple! If you have already created a Steem account, you can pay intuitively and without much effort with STEEM or SBD, thanks to SteemConnect. This is much easier compared to the handling of blockchain games on the Ethereum blockchain (MetaMask and Co.). If you don’t have a Steem account you can create one easily on the Steem Monsters website and pay with Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, STEEM or SBD.
  11. The Steem blockchain is perfect for microtransactions in blockchain games. Currently, 1.9 million transactions per day are processed at only 0.15% capacity. There’s plenty of air up here. A disaster like the blockage of the Ethereum blockchain by the CryptoKitties will definitely not happen on the Steem blockchain!

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