I like to think I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to all things EOS.  Well, as knowledgeable as a non-developer or insider into any of the Dapps, BPs or Block.one itself can be. Within reason. I watch all the videos.  Read (most) all the medium articles.  Comb through the daily Reddit posts.. But research as I might, I still have a few burning questions that I’m hoping this article’s comment section can help with.

   #1: What’s the current state of the EOS referendum voting portal?

We have an interim EOS constitution, that no one voted on.  Of that, I have no problem with because a voting portal to amend it is just around the corner.  Problem is, I can’t seem to find the ETA for said portal.  Anyone know the road map of this very important EOS community utility?  

Any links to BP or developer’s discussion/progress on this product would be greatly appreciated, i.e. Telegram, Reddit, Discord, YouTube, etc.

Beyond amending the constitution, Dan’s latest proposal of ‘EOS Resource Renting & Rent Distribution‘ I imagine will be on the table for a vote.  

#2: What will be the first major dapp to use the EOS blockchain in a meaningful way?

This is a loaded question.  I get that.  As you might say we already have a few dapps utilizing the network in a meaningful way, like Space Invaders via EOS Authority, or some of the other games like EOS Button, King Of EOS, EOS KnightsMonsterEOS, or even the pyramid scheme looking ‘game’ of FomoLife.  

Sure, those games do well to highlight the current speed of EOS and the ease of use with Scatter integration.  But are they moving the needle for mass adoption; are they capable of being a ‘killer app’?  Unlikely, cool as some of them are.  (Those are not all the games of EOS by the way.)

Maybe DecenTwitter is closer to that first all important EOS dapp, as it’s currently spamming the network like mad, showcasing just how many transactions per second (regardless of quality of transactions) the EOS blockchain can currently handle.  At the time of this entry, according to EOS Network Monitor, EOS’ ATH TPS is.. 3590.

But I think the real showcase and ‘killer app’ will be from the likes of Everipedia, HorusPay, Challenge Dapp, iRespo, Emanate, HireVibesEDNA, ‘Steemit 2.0’ and/or Trybe, etc, but even more likely from the upcoming many unnamed and unannounced VC funded dapps just on the horizon.  

Least I leave out EOSfinex.  A heavily used EOS based decentralized exchange could truly accentuate the utility of the EOS blockchain very well. 

Question remains, which dapp is most likely to hit the ground running, doing hundreds or thousands of EOS transactions/second, that the real world will be excitedly using and benefiting from?  Part of this can be answered from observing every single project’s road map, and the other part is pure speculation.  Any guesses, combining both of those criteria?

I tried to include many links in this article, so it’s helpful beyond just asking a few questions.  The idea also being the comment section below will be useful to everyone reading, as well as to myself.  

Thanks for your time reading, and I look forward to your comments and shared resources of info.  

For some good EOS resources I have come across, allow me to share a few:

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  1. Red Armanino

    EOS Bet could be very popular.

    Already 14,000 Members in their Telegram Channel!

    They are starting with a simple dice game on the EOS Blockchain and will be adding slots as well.

    In the Medium term, EOS Bet is looking to create novel Gamespaces that blend Gaming and Gambling.

    Excited things happening for EOS all around! They are so many amazing projects out there.

    Other projects I like and are well worth your time to research include:
    1. HORUS Pay (Global payroll on the Blockchain)
    2. Worbli (A Bank Account dashboard to connect traditional and Crypto Banking services)
    3. EDNA (Your self-controlled DNA data on the Blockchain for medical studies and genetic predisposition discovery)
    4. Havven (EOS’ first stablecoin; the project is porting over from Ethereum soon!)
    5. Uncloak (Cybersecurity)

    So many amazing projects building on EOS!

  2. Cryptoslice

    Great post and a good questions. I think steemit 2.0 will the the first dapp that really takes off or Everipedia. Most current dapps are very subpar i do really like Trybe tho as steemit is to full of art and that i only want to read blockchain stuff and Facebook provides the rest for me. With all this VC funds surely something good will come out.

  3. globalgreg

    Yeah – mirroring @cryptoslice, this is good post and these are good questions to ask. I have the time to comb ‘all things’ EOS too. Main sources of info have been Discord Server’s I belong to, Telegram Networks, some Steemit posts, some Medium Posts, and a good chunk from here on Trybe :). My knowledge to add:
    #1 : I don’t know enough about this either – so, I’m keen to hear if someone has good intel.
    #2 : Dan Larimer and his team were utilising DecenTwitter to ‘Stress-Test’ the EOS network with repeated and numerous spamming “I Love BP” or something like that. The point was to test the EOS Network load by pushing through a very large number of DecenTweet’s. It had no effect 🙂 🙂
    Number one dAPP’s: Everipedia, Horuspay
    Most interesting from a Philanthropic POV: eDNA (and possibly lucrative) – personal DNA ownership for ‘renting’ out your DNA (anonymously) for DNA research and sharing in the Rewards from said research (as opposed to just giving it away when one does those silly Family Tree tests to check if you’re a past ‘Viking’ or ‘Genghis Khan’ offspring) – Read the small print and you’ll find your DNA is then allowed to be used in research and you get nothing for it.
    Thanks for the info you’ve collated here.

  4. SugarFix

    In my opinion the “killer app” won’t be an app all. It will be a killer moment. It will happen the next time the Ethereum chain gets congested and some of the tokens throw in the towel. If those tokens decide to switch chain to EOS then it will be a major PR scoop within the crypto world. After a lot of raging to and fro and quite a bit of grandstanding if more tokens switch there will be a tsunami as ether holders start cashing in. I’m extremely wary at the moment.

  5. Conceptskip

    Hi, good questions, it has been very quiet, around the referendum development, here is a post from EOS Nation who are – among others – working on it. No set ETA, but ist shouldnt be more than a few weeks it seems:

    What worries me more, that apparently there are no other constitution initiatives than the b1 proposal, which would cripple EOS governance. The silence as of community worries me more than the technical issues.

    As regards the dapp this is a hard one to answer. If we are talking about momentum, my best bet would be Everipedia, since its already up and working.

    1. sbf8680able Post author

      Awesome, thanks for that link.

      I wonder if there will be just a single proposal to wholesale replace the constitution with Block.one’s draft, or if we will all vote on individual articles at a time to amend/repeal/replace?

      Also, I haven’t heard too much push back on the proposed changes. I also was originally FOR the arbitration system and giving it a go. But with the new proposal and with some thought, I have come to believe that arbitration should be an opt-in system, that’s not necessarily done on the base layer protocol.

      1. Conceptskip

        yeah i agree there is an issue with the setup of ecaf (although i believe they are doing good work given the available means). If you only make it a second layer, arbitration will never happen, and popular dapps will be able to do whatever they want, anyway, so more importantly would be to address and fix the issues, not drop them entirely

    2. Michael Dexter

      The Ref seems almost on the doorstep, which is great.

      In regards to alternative constitution initiatives I remember reading a proposal by a dutch BP, but it was weeks ago and I dont remember by whom exactly. But silence could also be interpreted as no one currently coming up with better improvement suggestions or even as a state of being quiet okay with how things are running atm.

      1. Conceptskip

        That might be EOS Amsterdam , who are very keen on the original constitution, but i havent read anything specific from them. Thomas Cox. also seems to be strong on this, but has gone rather quiet lately.

    1. sbf8680able Post author

      Excellent. Thanks for the info, and I appreciate your project. I listened to a recent interview of yours on YouTube and am really looking forward to future iterations of this platform.

  6. Workin2005

    Great post. There are many good possibilities. I think EOSfinex and Everipedia will do very well and are much needed. As you said, many of the real “game changers” haven’t come out yet. The next couple years will be exciting.