Health is the true wealth, in today’s busy world of internet connectedness, one can easily get carried away with being too busy to look after one’s body and mind which might lead to some disturbing health challenge if we don’t properly watch ourselves. A doctor once said we are one diagnosis away from having our world ripped apart from our grasp. Which is very true, take, for instance, a hedge fund manager, no matter how busy and tight his schedule might be, once the doctor tells him he has been diagnosed of cancer, all that business goes away, then he will be faced with man’s true limitation and enemy – death.

So, we as humans, have our little ways of rigging the system, and one of such ways is with appropriate exercising. The benefits of exercising cannot be overemphasized in today’s world where most of the food we consume have content meant to preserve it that might be dangerous to our health, especially diabetic patients of people with a line of diabetic parents, ought to do some active form of exercising, in order to stay fit and avoid being diabetic.

So, in this post, we will look at 3 easy exercise one can perform, virtually anywhere at any time.

Push Ups

This has to be the most popular exercise in the world, it can be performed by anyone, anywhere and at any time. Push up helps in building arm strength as well chest and the back and abs. And all you need to perform push-ups is a clean and clutter-free space, you rest your palms on the flow at your chest level, and incline your whole body to rest on your toe.

Ensure to have your body weight relay on the support of your rested palms, and your toes. Then you go down, towards ground, at your chin level, and then you push back up. You continue this for at least ten times. Ten times makes one rep, and you need at least four reps to complete a session, meaning you should perform 40 push-ups while taking 3 mini breaks.

Push up is an all-around exercise, and it is great for the heart, as it is a form of cardio too.

Jumping Jacks

This is a cardiovascular exercise that helps greatly in getting the blood flowing in the system, it can be a little tasking as it requires the entire body to execute, unlike the push-ups that only requires the upper body. The way the jumping jack works is by working with the hands and legs simultaneously in an up and down motion and it needs a great sense of coordination to execute properly.

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You stand on your feet, with both legs closed together, and rest both hands on the side of the body, then like the name implies, you will jump, hereby opening the legs as you land, and the hand will move at a 90 degrees above over to the head, and then you will jump again, and the return the previous position of the feet closed together, and the hands on their sides. You continue the up and down movement for a minimum of 2 times, and you can do like 3 -4 reps and then call it a day. It is a fun exercise once you get the hang of it, and it can be performed anywhere and anytime by anyone.


You can throw in other random exercises that will make each session interesting, and remember to always stretch before and after working out, it helps to warm up the muscles before you start working out, and it helps to relax the muscles after each intense workout.


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