Today I have two very exciting pieces of news to share with you!

1. Due to the current crypto market downturn, we have decided to reward all our pre-sale contributors with a 2 for 1 token bonus for Christmas!!

2. Our new portfolio is now ready and is currently in public beta phase!!

2 for 1 Christmas Pre-Sale Bonus

For everyone who buys tokens in our pre-sale before Christmas day, we will be DOUBLING your pre-sale tokens!

In order to do our bit to help with the pain of the current crypto market downturn (although we all know it will recover!), and to reward our pre-sale contributors for Christmas, we are going to be giving you twice as many tokens in your pre-sale accounts!

This includes anyone who has already bought tokens, and anyone who buys tokens before the 25th of December (11:59pm CST on the 25th), from our pre-sale wallet.


New EOS Token Portfolio Tracker on Trybe

After a month of heavy development we’ve now finished the next stage of our new wallet – the portfolio!!

We’ve been working very hard to get this done and we have now launched the beta version.

Keep track of all your EOS tokens, their value (in USD and EOS), their quantities, and a bunch of other features too (such as which ones can be staked or provide dividends!)

The portfolio is still in beta and there are a few minor bugs we’re working to fix – but in general it’s looking beautiful and is a great fun way to see at a glance your EOS token balances!


Coming up in future releases:

– A portfolio tracker – to track their value over time

– Chintai integration – see tokens even if they’re leased out on Chintai

– More dividends and staking added

– View more information about each token – including liquid and staked balances, and information about the project

– A bunch of other cool features!

Check out your own EOS token portfolio right now by clicking this link (requires Scatter to login):


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  1. Dukefish

    I am really liking the new wallet and the designs for upcoming plans. I think it is important that there is a clear, easy access wallet which will help to attract and maintain new users.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Infosion

    Wow guys, this really some great news!! This also an excellent marketing move right now I think, very nice! @ the X-MAs 2:1 promo
    Wallet is also looking nice so far. I like the symbols that tell you which assets pay dividends and good plans for the CHINTAI integration.
    Lots of good stuff happening!

  3. Brandon Holsey

    Great update! Love the wallet features, but I do have one question:
    I had already purchased via your presale PRIOR to US residents being excluded. Am I not eligible for the 2 for 1? My presale balance is still 5k so I am curious.