The year 2018 has in no doubt been a disaster for crypto traders and investors. Crypto market is a very volatile market and there is always going to be a big bearish move in the market the good news is that after a bear rush usually comes a big bull run so just don’t lose hope yet. The current bearish market got everyone panicking so today I will be discussing 3 methods in which you can use to make money from the bearish market.

1. PROOF OF STAKE COINS; proof of stake coins are coins in which you get paid just for having a stake in those coins. The more of these coins you own, the more reward you get. A good example of proof of stake coin is NEO. Neo is generally termed Ethereum of China. The more you hold NEO, the more you get paid in a different token known as GAS. You can in turn exchange your GAS for Bitcoin and Ethereum. proof stake coins are a great way to make your money wok for you. Another great example of proof of stake coin is EOS. You get different EOS based token like KARMA, HOURUS, TRYBE etc just for having a stake in EOS token. So apparently even in bearish market, you still receive your POS token stake reward and this can cover your loss.

2. GOING SHORT; this is another lucrative method of making money in the bearish market. It is more of an active method compared to the first method. This method is essentially used whenever there is a big bear movement in the market. “GOING SHORT” is a term used in trading which simply means betting that the price of a security, token or coin will go down. So you can take advantage of this downward price movement and make some profit from it. Going short is quite simple all you have to do is to look for exchanges that offers shorting a good example is BITFINEX. This method isn’t for everyone so I only recommend this for those who has experience in trading because you can easily get liquidated if the price goes bullish. Imagine shorting bitcoin at $20,000 to were it is today. That’s definitely a whole lot of money.

3. THE THIRD METHOD INVOLVES BUYING COINS AT DISCOUNTED RATE; Instead of sitting and watching the price drop more and more, always accrual more coins when price is down because you will get much more returns when next there is a bull run.

I hope you find this article useful don’t forget to leave your own opinion in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Jake McCormick

    Thanks,hopefully the bear market ends soon so we can do it all over again, lol. Talking about staking, I just wrote an article about a staking opportunity for Ethereum and ERC-20 Token Holders that i think you might like. Be good to hear what you think.