Being social animals that we are the respect of others is something we take very seriously, hence it is a thing of great value. Some few things that can help you gain people’s respect instantly, those things are integrity, honesty and a bit of self-confidence. There are other things though that you can do to even take the respect you have earned from people to a higher level that may see people placing so much value in your thoughts on a subject matter, or in your presence.

In today’s post, we will look at some guidelines that will help improve you respect standings among your peers, as well as making a last first impression on the people you are meeting for the first time. Don’t be mistaken, these guidelines are not meant to replace having a good character, in fact, it works to the contrary. This guideline will be more effective on people that already have a great character and have a positive attitude to life and their dealings with others.

Without further ado, here are a few things you can do to improve your relationship both intimate and among family and friends, and how this important people in your life see you.

Value your time

In all honesty, I have never seen a successful person who doesn’t value his time, and I have never seen someone who is unsuccessful and known to be lazy place much value in his time. The latter individual tends to be available at all times for a little chit-chat or to hang out and have fun. But the former is someone who has placed great value in his time because he knows just how valuable time is, making his time valuable as well. So, defending one’s time is a very important habit or skill that needs to be taken seriously; because if you respect your time, people around you will learn to respect your time too.

We teach people how to treat us, by their actions we tolerate and the ones we rebuff

So, you have to be strict with your time else people will abuse it, and with abuse comes a gradual erosion of respect. So, heading for a meeting? The other party should call you to inform that they will arrive a little late, or probably cancel the meeting. You friends should inform you before time that they are coming to visit, not just showing up on your porch with an awkward grin expecting to have a roof over their head for the night.

The goal here is to let people know that you value your time and you in return have to value theirs too. If you’ll be arriving late at a meeting or gathering, inform the host or the other party of your situation, so they are aware and make necessary adjustments that will enable them to utilize their time effectively too. The way you treat people will invariably be the same way you may be treated in return. This creates a lot of respect for you coming from the other person, as hidden within his subconscious is the notion that you value your time, and won’t tolerate unexplained lateness or being stood up.

Pause and take a minute

This works incredibly well when you have to make a presentation. Often when we are to stand in front of a crowd to make a presentation, we often do our very best to get into motion and do all we need to do and get out of the situation as soon as you can. But what this guideline suggests is that, before you start your presentation, when you get in front of everyone, Pause, Survey the audience, Take a deep breath then you begin. This will have a strong effect on the people you are speaking to because when you do this, you sort of get them drawn into your space, and you have their undivided attention.

When you do this right, it creates the aura of anticipation, which in turn makes everyone present know that you are in command of the room. Now that you have their attention, how you speak makes a huge impression, you be static, make great use of your body. Take up a lot of space in front of the audience, you can walk from one end to the other while communicating. And while in this communication mode, allow your gesticulation to freely open up in a way that suggests your body language is calm and in control. Speak freely and make use of your hands, maintain brief eye contacts and use calm and soft tones.

This will go a great length to assert your authority both as a speaker, and it will give you a great reputation as someone to be respected and listened to.

Make and finish your Sentences sptrongly

This is very important to have your voice heard in any given circumstances, whether in a one-on-one conversation or in a group interaction. When speaking in group settings, whenever you are speaking and someone tries to interrupt your speech and jumps in, the wrong thing to do is to keep quiet and let them have their say. If you do this, everyone else will tend to do the same thing to you, hence you will end up being the least respected figure in that group. What you should when someone tries to interrupt, keep talking till you finish saying what you have to say, next time, others won’t try to interrupt you when you are speaking.

When you do this, you will tend to be listened to more, and your opinions will be taken more seriously than if you were just someone that everyone interrupts at will.


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  1. Paul Oluwanisola

    Good respect commanding habit. As oppose to the last point, I think the better way to stop a person who is in the midst of interrupting your speech is to caution him/her politely rather continuing speaking, as this may looks rude or embarrass the person. After all we shouldn’t earn our respect by embarrassing others