When using the EOS, the behavior and trending are very different between China and the western world.

#1 The choice of wallet.

Hardware wallets, Web wallets, desktop wallets, mobile wallets or paper wallets? When people talking about the wallets, there is only one type in their mind, the mobile wallets, like TokenPocket, imToken , Cobo Wallet, Secrypto, MORE Wallet, Nova, and bitpie.

Most wallets I mentioned above support multi-blockchain. But imToken and Cobo Wallet are often regarded as an EHT wallet, although they do support EOS. But the experience is unfriendly. So people prefer to use other wallets that focus on EOS, like TokenPocket, more.top and so on.

#2 The way of creating an EOS account.

When the Chinese people decides to get an EOS account, how? Cash, credit card, cryptocurrency or something else? the answer is mobile payment. Yes, when cashless occupied the daily life of Chinese people, it is hard to change that.

As we all know, the young generation in China is very open, they are willing to accept all the new things, whether it is good or bad,just try it and leave it if they don’t like it. Those what in China doesn’t support mobile payment equal to lag.

#3 Games or gambling.

Take a glance at the Dapp store, there are many lists, games, exchanges, finance, daily tools, block explore and etc. Seems there are many choices for EOS fans, and indeed, you can do every about the blockchain on your mobile wallet.

But according to DappRadar,People are more likely to play exciting games, 7 of the top 11 are gambling games, and most of them are developed by Chinese teams or related. If a gambling Dapp doesn’t support Chinese, it means you are going to lose the largest market of EOS in the world.

Lastly, after reading this article if you want to pick a mobile wallet to have a try, yet don’t how to choose, please check the previous article I finally found the BEST wallet for EOS after experienced almost all the wallets on App Store.

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