Most cryptocurrencies have a deflationary policy and, as such, earning interest isn’t easy. You can earn dividends through exchange tokens but they are extremely risky and you’d be better off buying actual stocks, regulated not just by the arket.

Nevertheless it’s still possible to earn crypto interest and dividends without risking too much. Here are a few ways to do it.

Compound App

The app is an extremely useful tool you can earn interest on your crypto holdings off of. All you need is an ETH wallet explorer like Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, or the Opera Browser’s built’in crypto wallet (currently in beta).

using it, head over to its website and start lending tokens to borrowers who are likely needing them. The APR rates vary here, but you can make anywhere between 0.2 and 0.5% depending on the tokens you have right now.

You can currently lend 0x, Ethereum, Augur, and Brave’s Basic Attention token (BAT).

Holding NEO/ONT

Another amazing way to ear interest is by holding NEO or ONt, as they distribute GAS to holkders. NEO and ONt have fixed supplies and are not divisible, so the GAS on their blockchains is used to pay for transactions and other things, while the token itself is seen as a ‘share’ on the blockchain, as if it were a company.

Dividends are paid out daily to your wallet, and some exchanges like Binance also distribute them although you’d better not hold tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange at all.

You can then trade these tokens on exchanges. Switcheo is a nice decentralized exchange for them and the one I use. Not the most liquid platform but incredibly well-built so i believe liquidity is coming.

Holding VET

I’ll have to admit here I’m not a VET expert and I know the dividends on this blockchain are fairly new, so bear with me here.

From whatI understand, holding VEt entitles you to VHTO dividends, which don’t have an actual market yet but have¬† good APR. Not sure why you get these dividends but I believe it may be a case like the NEO/ONT blockchains.

Be careful with this one and do your own research.

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