Cannabis, according to Wikipedia is a psychoactive drug from a plant that is used for medical or recreational purposes. People tend to overlook this definition and gave it several meanings. Well, this post is written to guide us and take note of things we probably didn’t know. Cannabis is also known as marijuana. There are other names for it too, it all depends on the place and location it’s being used. While some call it pot, some places in Africa (particularly Nigeria) call it “igbo”, in Ghana “Tawa”.If you haven’t known, humans have been using marijuana for more than a millennium. It has long existed. The medical marijuana has existed since 2737 BC, it was first used by a Chinese emperor (Shen Nung) for his health. Although, all marijuana are medicinal but medical facilities chose to term theirs “medical”.

This shows how useful cannabis is, it’s needed in the health sector.According to researchers, 42% of citizens in the US have tried or took cannabis at least once. Canada was the first developed country to offer medical marijuana. They began dispensing it in 2003. There are lots of countries were marijuana is legalized too aside Canada. There are some states in the United States you can smoke weed without fear, and some states requires a valid reason for your smoking habit. Ecuador, Jamaica, Belize, North Korea and few other countries has legalized cannabis.Here is another thing you should know. Marijuana and beer making herbs comes from the same family. That is, they were made from the same plant family. Perhaps, you didn’t know this. It’s a fact! We also can’t exclude the fact that leaders use it. When George Bush was thrown the marijuana question, he skipped it saying he wouldn’t want some kids doing what he tries. What exactly was he trying to say here?Have you heard of the marijuana drink? It’s a drink made with cannabis. It’s being sold in India. Instead of smoking, they provided another means of taking it in.You probably haven’t seen some of these facts. This two minutes read should have given you some insights.Till we meet again….

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