Dear Trybians,

Our pre-sale is almost over!

As a way of saying thank you to all our contributors, we have just announced a 35 million token bonus!

5 million tokens will be going to the top 50 contributors this month, and 30 million tokens will be going to our top 200 all time contributors!

You can see our current leaderboard here:

All funds from the pre-sale are currently being used to develop our new platform, and we hope to have that ready within the next 6-8 weeks. This will include a much faster website as well as a completely new social network – which will allow real-time interaction and notifications the same as Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network 🙂

We can’t wait to bring you the new platform, and we’d like to thank you again if you’ve helped support us through our pre-sale.

For those of you who’d like to support us but don’t know how, here is a tutorial on connecting your EOS account to Trybe.

Once you’ve done this, you can participate in our pre-sale as well as claim your airdrops 🙂

Thanks again for all your support, and best of luck getting your token bonuses!

Warm regards,

Tom and the Trybe Team.

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  1. eosbattlewom

    Little bit disappointed with this. You have built in an incentive for people not to vote and reward each other. I would have thought that a proportional drop to all participants would have been fairer and bigger incentive for all to participate. I love Trybe, but rewarding whales seems to be a big driver on the platform.

    1. Dukefish

      I also agree with this sentiment, I have been vocal on previous posts and airdrops about increasing the number of people who receive the airdrop. I still think 200 is way to small, it should be to all pre-sale holders imo.

      Small stacked users can’t afford to pile in even if they believe in the project. I write and post to contribute and earn tokens but as pre sale goes I have only little to work with. I am sure I am not same person in this boat.

      I really love using and posting on Trybe and I want the platform to succeed but I feel this whale friendly mentality is undermining what Trybe could be.

      1. Tom Norwood | Trybe Post author

        As it stands, some of those at the bottom of the list of 200 have contributed around 20 EOS – so even small contributors are going to receive bonuses. This is not just rewarding the whales – but an attempt to try to reward most people who have put in a reasonable investment. Also – remember that everyone will get bonuses from future airdrops on a proportionate scale, so everyone does get rewarded in that sense also.

        1. Dukefish

          I appreciate your reply and I understand for Trybe giveaways and airdrops incur costs for the platform. The last airdrop saw a lot of dumping on exchanges, So I can see why there needs to be a limit on those who receive these benefits.

          I still think all pre sale holders should be those who reap the rewards, yes to you and I 20 EOS does not seem like much but for others this could be a big chunk of there investment stack. The fact they even committed to the pre-sale shows they have faith in the project and I think they should be rewarded.

          Though I understand your decision completely

    1. Tom Norwood | Trybe Post author

      At the moment we need funds to build the new platform and market it, and we are happy to reward those people who can help us out with this. Once that is done then we can concentrate more on rewarding those who actually participate in the platform. In the end, we hope for a fair distribution which recognizes the work put in by everyone involved 🙂