healthy greetings from me for trybe friends, hopefully for those who are always diligent in their activities and always exercising while maintaining their eating patterns and can still manage their time to be able to maintain a healthy body, because maintaining a healthy body is very important to start activities in the day or night. easy to do in everyday life


after exercising drinking water can make our thirst disappear, there are also health benefits that are rarely known to many people, the temperature of water can affect the health of the human body, the example is very simple enough with a glass of warm water that can maintain the balance of the human body there are 4 other benefits for body health , , ,

  1. Helps relieve digestion

drinking warm water relieves digestion which is often natural to humans, the benefits of warm water can make the digestive system active and improve digestive metabolism


2. Relieve nasal congestion

the use of warm water can also be useful for thinning mucus due to nasal congestion, a glass of warm water can help reduce mucus, there is a blocked sinus, besides the benefits of warm water to relieve headaches due to blockage of the sinuses, drinking warm water can soothe the throat area mucus , ,


3. Helps reduce toxins in the body

warm water can also improve the endocrine system, its function can remove a lot of sweat that comes out so that many poisons come out


4.Help you lose weight

Consuming warm water can also reduce weight. Although not directly the body will increase the automatic system of metabolism, and increase intestinal contraction so that the waste that gets stuck in the body immediately discharged


That is what I can share for all of our health, hopefully it can be done, maybe it can prevent what we do not want for the health of the body.

Regard @alarcontm

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  1. MineYourMind

    An interesting and informative post, I have a few questions.

    1. You stated many things about “warm water” helping, but how it helps better than cold water.

    2. You state that warm water can help weight loss by causing contractions of the colon, but don’t say why.

    My understanding is that to lose weight it’s better to drink cold water, because it takes energy to heat it in the body, which burns calories.

    So, which is more accurate?

    I need more information…