Every wealthy/successful person you see out there has in one way or the other made a lot of sacrifice to get to where they are today. It’s pristine that people who wishes to be successful know they have to make some sacrifices in other to make their dreams their reality. People striving to succeed often find their selves in dilemma trying to figure out the necessary sacrifices they must make in other to be successful. So I embedded some tips in this article that will help guide you on your pathway to success.

1. VIDEO GAMES: I know this sounds ridiculous, but millions of people spends hours playing video games all day long. I personally used to play video games all night long, completely avoiding the daily responsibilities of life. On rare occasions, I would just sit there feeling guilty about the wasted hours knowing fully well that I had a greater purpose/responsibility to pursue in life. So if you find yourself playing video games for too long, you have to quite it right away. Video games are good because they help you relax your brain, but this should be after you got the big task done.

2. DRUGS: most people today live in paranoia because of drugs. You often find people living in fear and they feel the best way to alleviate this fear is through drugs. Drugs only gives you a temporal relive from pains and trauma. So what’s the need of seeking a temporal solution to a permanent problem? Not only do drugs cost money, it also cost a lot of damage. So if you are drinking and smoking all the time, it’s going to damage your health and at the same time put a sinking hole in your bank account.

3. GETTING RID OF OLD AND UN-SERIOUS FRIENDS: majority of people surrounds themselves with friends who practically have no plans for the future, no goal in life, no ambition etc. they let such friends dictate for them what they should do, where they should go, and what they should wear. You need to get rid of such old friends and find new friends who has the same goals and aspirations with you. Doing this will drastically change your perspective in life.

4. LUST: this is a big one! Majority of people are trapped in LUST all in the name of affections, they use their sexual power of creativity to chase something that is not even theirs. Majority of such people are either married or have someone that loves and care about them. But they still spend so much KINETIC ENERGY trying to catch something that not POTENTIALLY theirs. You must learn to contain your sexual powers and use it to your advantage.

5. STOP WORKING FOR MONEY: yes I will say it again “stop working for money” I know this sounds hypocritical, but its time you have to stop waiting for weekly consistent pay while working a job that you absolutely hate. When you are desperate for money, you repel the right people as well as the right opportunity. “GENUINE MONEY HATES DESPERATE PEOPLE”. If all you wants to do is pay bill, then paying bills, “PAYING BILLS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WILL END UP DOING”. If all you want to do is to save up for emergencies, then get ready to solve emergencies because you will get a hand full of emergencies to solve.


Thanks for reading and hope you find this article useful! Check back for “5 SACRIFICES YOU MUST MAKE IF YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFULL PART 2”

Don’t forget to leave your opinions in the comment section. “Love for all hatred for none”

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  1. Cornel

    I recognize myself quite well in at least 2 of these sacrifices that I had to take 4 and a half years ago in order to become successful: reducing the time dedicated for video games and exchanging my time for money.
    It’s good sometimes to remember this, @sullexbee