Since crypto currency prices have fallen since the beginning of the year, the stock markets continue to fight for volume. New statistics show that all important platforms are facing significant deficiencies and that there is no real improvement in sight. The following six crypto currencies have lost the maximum trading volume as a percentage.

Here are the six crypto money exchanges that have largely lost trading volume

6-Coinbase Pro

Although many people have high hopes for Coinbase Pro in terms of trading volume, reality is very different. Between September and October, the company lost 41% of its trading volume. Although there is currently a volume of $ 2.25 billion, the stock market will exert a lot of effort to get back to its former position.

5 – Kraken

No one was really surprised to find out that Krakow could not maintain its trading volume between September and October. During the process, total volume fell to $ 2.09 billion and fell to 44%. In particular, it is a bit of a worrying trend for Craken to go through the Coinbase Pro.

4 – OKEx

Although OKEx is quite popular among the altcoin traders today, its volume is rapidly declining. A net 47% loss is quite high, especially for a $ 24.64 billion change in September 2018. Unless something changes significantly, it can be difficult to compensate for net loss.


Similar to OKEx, Huobi lost 47% of its trading volume last month. In this particular case, the platform is over $ 10 billion on a monthly basis. When the two companies come together, they can’t compete with Binance because of individual losses.


Even Bitfinex can’t maintain high trade volumes in these troublesome times. In the case of Bitfinex, 48% of the net volume is very worrying. The total volume of the stock market has now fallen to $ 7,81 billion. Although this sector-wide trend is very problematic, it is generally a fairly robust stock market.

1 – Poloniex

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that Poloniex quickly loses traction. Although it was bought by circle, it is obvious that Poloniex was not the castle of the altcoin trade a few years ago. Total volume decreased by 56%. If this trend continues, Poloniex will be out of the top 15.

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