The most important thing in starting a business really from zero is a wide and good network.

The problem of ideas in starting a business that is never realized or too afraid of failure is another problem that often inhibits the start of a new business. Pioneering a business, especially starting from zero is not an easy thing indeed. There are so many important things that you must prepare so as not to fall into the factors of entrepreneurial failure. Starting from the marketing strategy and also determining what business would be appropriate for you to develop in the future. If you are one who wants to start a business from scratch, here are some ways to start a business from scratch that you can apply and learn:

1. Establishing an Idea or Type of Business

The initial question that will arise before starting a business is “what business will I live in?”. Yes, in general this type of question often crossed the minds of young entrepreneurs who were eager to start their initial efforts. It is indeed an obligation and an important thing in determining what type of business you might develop later. Of course you also have to see what opportunities will provide good hopes and prospects for the smooth and development of your business.

In addition to these important factors, it is also a good idea if you start a business that is consistent with your expertise and interests such as how to start a culinary business. Because it is very important to love the business that you will build, so you do not easily give up later. Surely you will be easier and run it happily if the business is a type of business that suits your hobbies and abilities.

2. Determine Goals, Vision and Mission

There is always a goal behind an action right? Likewise with the effort that you tried the pilot. Having a clear vision and mission is also an important point in starting a business, so that later you can focus on the mission and initial goals in building this business. Most beginners fail because they don’t have a clear purpose, and eventually give up. This will cause a lot of losses, you are required to remain consistent with the objectives at the beginning of doing the business.

3. Perform a Competition Level Survey

Dig deep information about how the characteristics and quality of the products, the prices they provide and the quality of services they offer. This is a valuable lesson where you will be able to compete and determine a good strategy to start entering market competition.

4. Location Determination

Want to save at the beginning of your business? Just do your business work at home, of course it will be more practical and economical. But determining the strategic location in accordance with the business that you are going to start is indeed very necessary, as well as how to start a bag business, so the area around the housing of office workers or boarding schools will certainly be more effective because they need a bag of course.

5. Pay Attention to the Behavior of the Consumer

This is why field surveys are needed before starting a business. Because the business that is classified as “good” even though it will not be optimal if it is in a consumer environment that does not need or is not interested in the type of business you offer.

6. Take An Action

Yes, after you are sure and fully understand some of the points above, this is the time for you to take action. Of course you have to start building your business, prepare all the things if you need to run the business or various needs related to the success of your business. There are many things that are certainly important roles in a business, but if you don’t start or postpone your efforts you will not get a progress.

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  1. Nicholas

    Good list, many of us have to aware these things!

    Just a small advice: i see, you use stockphotos. To avoid the future mess, mention the sources of pictures, unless you risk the plagiarism, and noone like it if the others think: one more plagiarist 😉

      1. Nicholas

        You can use any photo or text in your articles (check it, what is the “fair use”), just need to show the source, and it will be okay 🙂
        For example, when i paste some photos into my posts, im just write it, from where come these pictures, or screenshots. A simple, small notice in the end of article 🙂