Steemit is the paid social media network created in 2016 and run off of the STEEM blockchain. Steemit has undergone many changes, with the most dramatic occurring at hard fork 20. I started in May of 2018 and have enjoyed building community and learning on the network. Steemit is one part of the STEEM ecosystem. News that Steemit Inc. has laid off 70% of their workforce is very troubling a frankly upsetting. Steemit is a great side income source and a fun community.

Steemit gives users the option to “Power Up” their STEEM coins into “Steem Power”. Steem Power is a unit of bandwidth in the Steemit ecosystem. It is imperative that new users purchase STEEM and power it up as soon as they can. The more Steem Power one has, the more one can delegate to projects and bid bots to make more and the greater the value of their upvote.

Some key takeaways from my 6-months on Steemit are below:

– Invest in the Steemit platform. The more STEEM you hold as Steem Power, the more your vote is worth. When you give other users upvotes, you can get their attention and garner future upvotes.

– Comment on posts regularly and engage with the authors. Leave a thoughtful comment after reading the entire article. You can often times make more with a thoughtful comment upvote than a full article you write.

– Publish content daily. Even if it’s just checking in with your community.

– Use Dapps including Partiko, and Esteem to interact with Steemit. gives publishers free upvotes when they use the “busy” tag. Partiko pays based on Steemit activities including publishing posts and upvoting.

– Watch your upvote power and Resource Credits at

– Check out Dapps like Actifit and Steepshot which pay you to publish photos and make steps. Take advantage of these.

– Do not get frustrated with low rewards and return within the first 3-months. Keep at it.

– Delegate your Steem Power to @jerrybanfield for high daily returns. If you delegate 400 Steem Power to @jerrybanfield expect to earn 5 STEEM/month.

Keep on Steeming on! Follow me at @wstanley226 and @dominion01.


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