The road to success has never been an easy one. There are a lot of sacrifices that comes with choosing to be successful. The people you hang around has a great role to play in the height you can attain in life. This article talks about 6 set of people you should completely avoid if you want to make your dream a reality.

1.THE TAKERS: this particular set of people always have something to take from you and has literally very little or nothing to offer. All the do all day is to ask for favors non stop. If you solve their problems once, they will always come back and ask for more. They might even refer people to you so you can help them too. This does not mean that you should should be cynical or completely egocentric, but if all such persons  only inquire for is your time, attention, and wealth, then you need to completely avoid them.

2. FAKERS : this are people who try as much as they can to be a photocopy of someone else.they do this just to impress you. You have to be able to figure out these “wolves in sheep clothing” and also figure out a way to deal with them. If you accept friendship from such people, then you allow Negativity to infiltrate your life. I call this people “Friend-nemies” (enemies acting like friends).

3.UNTRUSTWORTHY PEOPLE: trust is an expensive gift and you can’t expect it from cheap people. Most people feels that it’s not a good idea trusting people but the bitter truth is: “you have to trust someone” always take your time to study the behavior of people before giving them your trust. If people betray your trust for them, forgive them once (just to give then the benefit of doubt) but if they go back to literate the action again, simple kick them out of your life at the speed of light. When building valuable relationships, trust is a must. If you don’t trust the people around you, you only ends up building negativity.

4.PEOPLE THAT DISAPPOINT: certain people will tell you that they will meet you by 2pm, but they will never show up. I call this set of people “FAKERS” if you have such people in your life, you need to get them out ASAP! Else, they will influence you with thier “flakiness” and you become untrustworthy just like them.

5. DECEIVERS: these people are liars, they cheat, steal and seduces. Such people always comes in different forms and you really have to pay attention and figure them out. You can easily figure out such people through the way they talk and through the way they act. In most cases, they often contradict themselves and things don’t match up!

6.PEOPLE WITHOUT GOALS AND AMBITION: “if you walk with lions, you eat meat”. “if you walk with goats, you eat grass”. You need to surround yourself with positive people, people who has the same productive mindset as you . Don’t flank yourself with hypocrites who only thinks about parties, hangouts and all that!

Thank you for reading, and your opinions are highly welcomed in the comment section.

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