Everybody participates with struggle somehow. Well-being and ease in our reality is determined by our participation in its landscape. Learning to actualize and place importance on our thoughts, environment, heart, balance, ambitions, connections, and impacts will bring improvements to our existence. I am going to list some principles below that begin to illuminate the terrain of these mutually shared alternative energies. These are 7 universal energy patterns that form a sort of landscape to display consistent movements that can improve well-being in actuality. This list of 7 is closely tied to the famous hermetic principles with some slight changes and personally biased context following from my studies in Greek philosophy, eastern religion, metaphysics, psychotherapy and alternative health. They are intended to show what can be expected to return to us from the ways we participate in the universe.

1. Mentalism

Thought creates. Everything is mind. Consciousness collectively or divinely thinks things into existence. Thought is powerful! It determines our lives and brings dimension to our connections with others. To think negatively is to wage war energetically with another, positive thoughts contribute therapy. Thought creates reality. They hold tremendous power for peace  or conflict inter-personally and  contribute to forming positive or destructive impressions in our relationships with others.

2. Microcosm

We are microcosmic. As above so below, as within so without. Our lives correspond with the universe. Our existence has astrological, planetary, and earthly significance. The time, location, and date of our birth holds keys to finding patterns about our lives. We are little universes. Internal areas of life project out and reflect in common patterns of health, physiognomy, and environment. By looking outward we can learn a great deal about ourselves, and by looking inward we can perceive information about the world around us.

3. Vibration

The heart creates and is energetically magnetic. It is connected with our focus and is the strongest vibrational transmitter. Everything vibrates. Our bodies and organs absorb vibes. Good vibes have a higher frequency, bad vibes have lower. Like attracts like, frequencies attract resonating frequencies. We attract what we vibrate from our heart. Physical objects vibrate and can become saturated with positive or negative frequencies, this is sometimes sensed in various locations with strong histories of involved energy. Items can be programmed with higher and lower frequencies and particular matter in nature have strong signature vibes of their own.

4. Polarity

Everything exists on a scale of extreme excess and deficiency. This provides depth to our experience. Both extreme excess and deficiency is harmful to us and self-destructive. The scale for them is personal to each entity and changes with subject matter. The self-guidance that finds well-being and greater ease should strive to walk in balance, centering between extremes. Moderation can look different for each person and one’s medicine can be another’s poison. No two people will have identical scales although they often have many commonalities and similarities to others.

5. Rhythm

Cycles of seasons, time, planets, holidays, development and more occur simultaneously. Each has their own unique energy signature. Cycles follow patterns, and it is easier for us when we enter into their flow of unique energy. The natural rhythms cycling cosmologically should not be moved against, but identified and participated in along their natural flow and current.

Spring- new life, new beginnings, energy, enthusiasm

Summer- bounty, passion, growth,

Fall- gather, celebrate, prepare, let go

Winter- rest, study, introspection

6. Connection

Connecting counterpart energies can create. Yin, female, cathode, subconscious, creative energy; and, yang, male, positive, conscious, assertive energy repeats itself in every plane. In each pair, the masculine principle sends energy towards the feminine activating the Feminine ability to create. Electricity, heat, light, and birth are all displays of this affinity in which one principle sent energy toward a counterpart principle who then created new phenomena.

7. Correlation

Energy rebounds and returns. Free will enabling and highest good actions and intention have highest quality returns. Action and intention cause correlative, absolute or karmitic reactions and effects. Causes do not always resemble the effect, impact matters. What you put out into the universe rebounds and returns.


Those were 7 energy patterns: mentalism, microcosm, vibration, polarity, rhythm, connection, correlation. These are mainly derived from the 7 hermetic principles. Making worthwhile choices within the framework of these energy movements will produce positive life impacts. These universal laws illuminate various avenues with heightened productivity potential. They showcase hope for achieving greater well-being and ease through making improvements to the ways we choose to exist. The way we exist has far reaching consequences on the people around us and the environment. We are powerful beings in a powerful landscape.

Originally posted to Steemit February 13, 2018


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