Over 75% of men face hair loss problems at some stages in their lives. Women also suffer from some degree of hair loss but it is less common in their case as the baldness is often spread over their entire scalp making it less visible. I’ve highlighted some major causes of hair loss in men;


A hormone called Dihydrotestorone is responsible for this type of baldness in men. This is a derivative of the Androgenic male hormones. In men suffering from hormonal hair loss, a certain quantity of the male reproductive hormone is converted to DHT through a chemical process. There are medications that prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Although theses medicines shows good result in preventing hormonal hair loss and restoring density but there is no permanent cure as symptoms starts showing again as soon as you stop using the medicine. The only way to permanently restore thicker hair is through hair transplant or surgery


Genetics imbalance is the major cause of 70% of male pattern baldness in men. Most men have a balding Gene in their DNA that determines when and how they will lose hair. If you see most of you family members having thinning/balding, there chances that you will go bald when you get older.

Heredity hair loss on the other hand doesn’t wait for you to turn 50 before becoming visible it starts catching up with an individual in their mid-thirties or as early as the late 20s

Genetic baldness is generally called Androgenic alopacia.

Now the million dollar question is “how do we determine if the specific hair loss in an individual is heredity”. In most cases heredity hair loss can be distinguished from the others through the pattern of the balding. It follows a specific pattern known as the male pattern baldness. Women also exhibits heredity hair loss but slightly different from the male pattern baldness. Thier’s is known as the female pattern baldness.


Some men and even women experience a uniform a uniform thinning in all areas of the head. It is usually more difficult to detect compared to the male and female pattern baldness.


sometimes poor diet or nutritional deficiency can cause hair thinning your body needs several nutrients like protein, iron, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, for the healthy growth of hairs certain mineral also play their roles in keeping your hair healthy and strong. Such important minerals incudes: iron, selenium, silica, copper and iodine. lacking any of these minerals may have adverse effect on your hair. To reverse nutritional hair fall, start consuming these minerals supplements are also a good option.


Stress is bad not only for your body, but also for your Skin and hair. Men who undergo physical and emotional stress, show visible hair loss after the incident. Fortunately, the hair loss and thinning caused by anxiety is mostly reversible


Smoking can also contribute to hair thinning the chemical in cigerate ampper the production of protein needed for hair growth


Environmental pollution can also trigger and accelerate hair thinning. such environmental pollutant includes selenium which is often common in our food. If consumed in high quantity can trigger hair loss, other pollutants includes lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum, iron and copper . Some of these minerals are essential for healthy hair buy only in a small quantity.

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