(Note: this is a Summary to the article “I was scammed and lost my EOS! How I was able to recover then. Trybe: August 24, 2018, author @Calev954). The key here is to provide information in a way that makes it easy for the exchange to follow the order of events from the moment the scammer contacts you and gets possession of your coins. The goal is to document everything well and prove that you were indeed scammed). These are the 7 steps:

1. Contact your exchange immediately and provided screen shots of the chat, emails or communication you had with the scammer. Each screen shot should be numbered and labeled so the exchange can easily follow the events from beginning to end.

2. Provided screen shots of the EOS blockchain ( EOSflare.io, Bloks.io) showing the transaction and transfer from your account into the scammer’s account. This is very useful since it shows the date and all the pertinent information ( irrefutable proof).

3. File a Police Report with your local police department right away and send it to your exchange. This gives a higher level of assurance (which the exchange can verify) thus removing any doubts of the validity of the claim filed.

4. Answer all the question the exchange asks you and be diligent when responding. (You need to be always cooperative – try to be organized and logical when providing information).

5. Don’t email them if you don’t hear anything. Give them time to work on your case. The only time you should email them is when you find additional corroborating information that helps the case or if you do not hear from them after 3 weeks.

6. Wait and be patient. It would take approximately 3 weeks or more before the exchange gives you an update on your case. Hopefully they have flagged the scammer’s account (a good sign that things are advancing in your favor) and a positive outcome is near.

7. Most likely it will take 1 month or so to get a final case resolution from the exchange. If you follow these steps the chances are high that you will recover your coins. If receiving a successful outcome, the exchange will most likely transfer the coins into your account or give you full credit in the exchange’s native coin so you can redeem it for your EOS or whatever coin you had. Expect to sign a confidentiality agreement and abide by its terms.

CONCLUSION: if you put the time and effort the chances of recovering your coins will be high. My advice is not to give up if you have been scammed (as difficult as your situation may be) but prepare yourself to recover what is rightfully yours. Organize yourself and prepare the supporting documentation for the exchange to assist you. It will pay off. If I (a newbie in crypto currencies with no technical background) was able to do it so can you. If you need help, I can be contacted on Trybe, Twitter & Telegram: @Calev954

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  1. Yanika

    Hey @calev954,
    I was waiting for your second part. Just a suggestion: You should write that it can apply only to EOS blockchain thanks to the Constitution and the Governance.
    Had this happened to ERC-20 ETH tokens, forget about your coins, though there are always some interesting cases, I want to admit to, when people sometimes are able to get them back. Depends on the exchanges policies in most cases.

    1. @Calev954 Post author

      Hi @yanika, part 2 of the article will be published this weekend. There is a lot of important information everyone should know.
      These steps apply also to any coin other than EOS since you are working directly with the exchange to recover your BTC, ETH, TRX etc… without getting ECAF or the EOS constitution involved. Thanks for your observations. They are always welcome.