DCiti is a blockchain architecture and protocol using the EOSIO software to provide a scalable and decentralized based operating system to smart cities and smart governments for easy creation of smart blockchain solutions and adoption of crypto based economy.

DCiti is removing major barriers to adoption of blockchain solution in smart cities and free communities by providing a blockchain protocol that can scale, offer free and secure transactions, developers friendly and cost less to run and maintain DApps.

DCiti blockchain protocol is flexible and scalable and can power smart cities and free communities with a user token effect which can provide funding for the development of smart city projects, offer inclusiveness of residents in participation and the development of the cities they want to live in, which creates an attitude of “by all and for all” in response to the fast moving world of decentralization.

Our blocckhain solution offers a better and easy way for existing and new smart cities to adopt the world of blockchain technology to build smart cities that can be efficiently and transparently govern, connect different city services to a decentralized data grid, initiate the collaborative and gift economy, provide fundraising opportunities to smart cities private developers, and make living in a smart city rewarding, and self sustaining.

BitCiti Smart City

We will lead the building of the world’s first community built decentralized and wooden smart city called BitCiti that will use DCiti protocol to provide all its smart blockchain solutions.

BitCiti will be a decentralized smart city that will be built from scratch on 400 hectares of land aimed to host a community of crypto lovers, technology enthusiast, libertarians and entrepreneurs. In addition to implementing blockchain solutions into the building and architectural system of a smart city that’s been built from scratch, BitCiti will also be a wooden friendly city where emerging wood technology like Cross Laminated Timber will be the primary building material of the city. BitCiti will operate a crypto based economy and have its own issued community

cryptocurrency that will serve as the generally accepted native currency of the city.

DCiti Token Distribution Event

There will be 2 billion DCiti token (DTOKEN) total supply for the DCiti Network, which will be widely distributed in a unique way to a big audience of crypto users, which include EOS holders, Bitshares holders and anyone that register to participate in our token distribution event by filling our airdrop form. Part of the token is reserved as development fund that will be later airdropped to DCiti block producers, DApp developers and reserved for worker proposal.

You can register to get 1000 DTOKEN when you fill our airdrop form and get 300 DTOKEN when someone register using your bitshares username as referral. To register, click here

Become An Early Investor/Backer

While DCiti will not offer an ICO, but airdrop it token to the crypto community, we have put up 100 Million DTOKEN for sale to early investors, backers and partners of our project in order to raise the primary funding required to develop the DCiti protocol and purchase resources to power our network on EOS.

We have also prioritized the hiring of professional developers, marketers, managers and team members which will cost us initial capital to get the best in the industry. Early backers, private investors and partners of DCiti are offered a good deal and can purchase DTOKEN directly from EasDEX Exchange using Bitshares or by contacting us for a deal. We are accepting BTC, EOS, ETH, LTC, STEEM, and SBD for private deal.

Contact us to become a partner today – [email protected]

Website: http://DCiti.io

Medium: https://medium.com/@dciti.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DCitiIO


Telegram Group: https://t.me/joinchat/IHLjhRHZELLFLc7PtPsunA

DToken Info: https://github.com/DCITIIO/Document/blob/master/DToken.md

Telegram Announcement Channel:


Airdrop FORM: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdf5yVh6jPSf7CTdstlvcE93_4kYeh3_mpTf7r8hRswnV8DWQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

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