I’d like to start by thanking Tom for creating this platform. Thanks Tom.

I started getting really interested in cryptos and trading when I realized that $50.00 of Bitcoin I had bought  had turned into $500.00, while I had forgotten about it. I did a little research, got my original 50 back in fiat currency and began cautiously trading and building my portfolio. I found a lot of what I was reading complicated and very technical but plodded on just the same hoping to achieve a greater understanding of this blockchain technology. I signed up on Steemit and bought a little Steem there and have even managed to achieve a bit of growth through interacting on the platform. However the site is somewhat daunting and rife with politics that I had no interest in. Over the last 9 months I have increased my portfolio variety and learned much from various sources. 

I picked up a few EOS while it was still a ERC20 token and held on to see what it would do. I had no clue about the EOS project or how it was going to work. Then I found TRYBE just recently and began reading articles and tutorials. I found Tom’s article on EOS tools and wallets to be extremely helpful (link: https://trybe.one/eos-dapps-tools-wallets/ ). So  I got the tools going and with some trial and error figured out how to access my EOS account. I was both surprised and pleased by the airdrops that I had there.

Next I learned about buying and selling Ram, which is an interesting development and grabbed my interest. So off I go to Chaince ( https://www.chaince.com ) A very simple and easy to use token trading platform on the EOS blockchain. Again with some trial and error and a bit of deciphering their tutorials, I managed to move some EOS, Ether, and most of my airdropped tokens to my exchange wallet. 

After reading several more Trybe articles and the Chaince FAQ’s and tutorials I was able to place sell and buy orders for the trading pairs that they currently offer, something I had never fully grasped until now, likely due to the intimidation factor of many exchanges on other platforms. Thanks to the EOS blockchain’s ease of use along with the valuable information available right here on TRYBE and the Chaince exchange friendly user interface, I can now say that I am sold on the EOS project and will be moving more of my assets to the EOS platform myself. I will also continue to have fun learning in a friendly environment.

Thank you folks of Trybe for sharing your knowledge and experience with less technically educated folks like myself. I have learned more about blockchain, EOS and crypto trading in a few weeks here than I had all last year flailing about the internet.

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  1. Tom Norwood | Trybe

    Hi Will thanks so much for sharing this. This is exactly the reason why I set up Trybe. I also found it confusing and frustrating trying to learn about crypto and blockchain in the beginning, and I realised there was a real need for a structured platform that contained high quality educational content. So I’m really glad that it’s serving its purpose, and I’m also grateful to all the other people who have taken the time to contribute content to the platform and make it so useful 🙂

  2. David Anyawara

    Sincerely Tom,I am a newb to this EOS and crypto suffs though it is quite interesting and lucrative.I am glad to discover TRYBE and hope to learn more from it. For now i want to see how to make some free EOS and start trading.Once again,thanks for setting up this Platform newbies like me.

  3. Will Post author

    I am looking forward to learning and growing with this TRYBE of great folks. Thanks again, Tom, and TRYBE, for helping take some of the confusion out of the cryptosphere for me. I share this site with all the friends who are getting tired of hearing about how EOS is a game changer. LOL

  4. Jay

    I had a small amount of bitcoin I forgot about and it was a couple hundred bucks too. And I am Steemit, though it has problems. I am brand new to EOS like I heard about it way back when it started but never learned about it. I am going to figure out all this jargon about RAM etc here on Trybe as this site has tons of info, and better organized than Steemit for sure. Maybe I will read the FAQs and whitepapers of EOS and Trybe