Blockchain technology has the promise to provide a BETTER future if WE enable it to happen in a positive way. If you are new to blockchain, you would find this unbelievable, disruptive, or utopia thinking. People that study and follow blockchain eventually come to the realization that blockchain really CAN improve our future. They also come to the realization that it’s going to take time and lots and lots of collective effort from many disciplines besides developers such as marketers, salespeople, financial, legal, political, healthcare, and literally all good people.

Why do we need a BETTER future?

  • Internet is sick. Current Internet has created monopoly businesses that are causing issues throughout society. Facebook was supposed to bring people together online in a positive social manner but instead has created a toxic brew of misinformation that destroys democracy in every country it enters. Google and Amazon are extracting huge amounts of wealth while gaming the tax system leaving ordinary citizens with the tax burden. Politicians have utilized these platforms to deceive, misinform and divide public throughout the world. A BETTER internet is required, one that rewards good behavior and dissuades bad behavior, and an internet that gives everyone a fair chance to succeed and achieve their Ikigai: Purpose of Life.
  • Earth is sick. At this point almost no one denies that climate change is happening and yet no one has a good solution to fix it given our existing governments, money and systems. In order to provide the necessary focus on Earth health, a complete REBOOT of our systems needs to happen.
  • Government is sick. Money has taken over most of government where the dollars towards a campaign weigh more than the votes of the people. Most politicians are more focused on their party and getting reelected versus what’s best for the citizens.
  • Humans are divided. Media, political parties, corporations, and religions have divided almost people on issues, wealth, religion, politics, nations and more even while we are more informed about what is happening around the world and can instantly connect with anyone online. Our technologies should be UNITING people but is creating greater divides.
  • Capitalism is finished.  Capitalism has advanced civilization tremendously but may not be the system to advance us to the next level (and neither will Socialism, Communism or other ‘ism’s that rely on centralized authority).

How is it possible for blockchain to improve the future of humanity?

This is really difficult to explain because our existing systems and structures are all around us and we can’t imagine alternate ways. It takes 100’s of hours of studying blockchain at this early stage to realize the potential, so don’t expect to be convinced from this one article. The most that can be hoped is you open your mind to the possibility of a better future.

“Minds are like Parachutes- they only function when Open.”

by Thomas Dewar

One step in opening a mind is to answer this question: “How long has Capitalism been in existence?”. Most people think that capitalism has been around forever, which is usually because they confuse Trade with Capitalism…they are NOT the same. Trade has been occuring throughout nature much, much before Humans. One handful of soil from your garden includes more microorganisms than all humans on Earth that are constantly trading nutrients and supplies. Capitalism on the other hand has only been around for a couple hundred years with the ultimate goal to drive prices down and exploit everything to earn maximum profit for the benefit of the shareholders. On the positive side, Capitalism has generated great progress and advancement for humanity…but inherent in the system is that it continues too far. Most people at this point automatically think we are talking about Socialism or Communism….

“Capitalism is man exploiting man….Socialism is the opposite.”

Quote from The Alienist

“Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it’s just the opposite.”

~ John Kenneth Galbraith

Once we understand Capitalism and the other ‘ism’s have only been around for a couple hundred years, it feels possible that it can be changed or reinvented….but HOW? To answer this question, we need to look at what happens in Capitalism and the other ism’s are always run by Centralized control.

“Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Lord Acton

Capitalism, Socialism, Communism and most other structures exist with Centralized control. Corporations have Board of Directors, CEO’s and founders that wield huge power over the employees and customers for the sole purpose to increase shareholder value. This centralized control leads to CEO salaries 475 times greater than employees and a continuous exploitation of everyone below by reducing staff and salaries of the lower ranks and squeezing vendors for lower and lower prices. Most people believe that “communism” has failed everywhere that it has been attempted, however the truth is that “pure” communism has never really been implemented in any country…..because all Communist countries have extremely centralized control and power. Communism is supposed to be COMMON ownership among everyone and yet the Docha’s in Russia show that once centralized power took control the Dacha’s were given to the “elite of the Communist Party”…doesn’t look like common ownership!

Almost all examples of failed states are also examples of centralization gone bad. It works like this: Come up with a new idea, Establish central authority, Focus too much on money versus people, then Exploit everything below the central authority until the people revolt (unions, revolutions, walk-outs). For example, look at the evolution of Facebook starting with the idea of the social graph (cool!), setup Facebook corporate structure, list on stock exchange, accept money from Cambridge Analytics who deceive and misinform everyone on the platform, until advertisers and users walk away from the platform.

So the problem with much of Human systems are that they have Centralized systems, which lead to exploitation and corruption.

The alternative of Centralization is Decentralization….but what is it, why haven’t you heard about it, how do we know it will be better, and why is it so dang difficult to explain?



  • What is Decentralization?: Decentralization is the distribution of functions and powers to ALL participants. Decision making is distributed among all participants through a truly democratic voting process. One way to think about decentralization is to move to more and more LOCAL control until everyone participating are the ones voting. Another example that moves towards decentralization are cooperatives. For example Tillamook makes the best ice cream and milk products owned and managed by all the farmers that contribute dairy milk to the cooperative. One final example is the Internet itself which is run by many companies but owed by no one. Internet is successful because of its decentralization nature, available equally to everyone, and owned by no one.
  • Why haven’t you heard about Decentralization?: For the most part, the reason is that Decentralization has never been practical or possible before the instant connection, communication, and voting possible on the global internet. Go back just a few years ago to the Florida voting between Bush and Gore and even 2018 elections. Votes were entered on punch cards and sent into a secret machine to tally all the votes. In 2018 elections tally machines even overheated and had a change of 2000 votes upon recount! This required centralized voting booths, counted by centralized computers, run by centralized authorities. Current Internet has the power to allow everyone to vote online, however it lacks the ability to ensure only one vote per person and a good way to tally the votes. Blockchain systems such has EOS have built-in voting capability to solve these issues.
  • How do we know Decentralization will be better than Centralization?: Internet is the most successful decentralized system which we all use and love (mostly). Internet provides the foundation for the next generation “Web 3.0” using blockchain network for transparency, trust and unchangeable data (immutability). When Internet was conceived, a transaction layer was envisioned but the technology of blockchain was not invented.
  • Why is Decentralization so difficult to explain and understand?: It’s really difficult to explain decentralization while people live in a centralized world. EVERYTHING today is centralized: Businesses, Governments, Religions so thinking beyond your current reality is very difficult.
  • Is Centralization always evil?: NO! There are many cases of successful centralized organizations, however it requires centralized authorities with goodness in their hearts and missions for a better world. The future will have both decentralized and centralized organizations, however their will be a better balance of both. Examples:
    • Business:
      • was one of the early companies to establish social responsibility with 10% profits going to positive social causes.
      • Google has ALL the data on everyone while continuing to believe in “do no evil” and providing great solutions for people around the world. (Note that this is a huge risk that all your data is controlled by one company since their policies can change through a single decision at the top).
    • Government:
      • Singapore moved relatively quickly from third world to first through great leadership starting with Lee Kuan Yew.
    • Religion:
      • Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people who tends to focus on good for all of humanity.

Next Steps:

Let’s assume that you are interested in creating a BETTER future for humans and Earth, what would be your next steps to get involved?

  • Learn: There are tons of YouTube videos and articles about Decentralization and Blockchain. Replace TV watching and Game playing with learning. It’s best to focus on EOS blockchain at this time since it’s the most likely to support all activities on Earth.
  • Participate with Money: Currently it’s really difficult to go from Dollars (fiat money) to EOS. This should become easier in the future but right now it’s a pain. Despite the pain today, it’s worth going through the steps to have your accounts ready when you want to move more into blockchain investing or if you want to fund new projects and communities that interest you.
  • Participate with Time: Learning about blockchain and EOS is easy today through YouTube. Going beyond that should include participating in local meetups and hackathons. Joining companies and communities now will position you as an early innovator when blockchain systems become more prominent. Don’t feel you are too late and missed Bitcoin (1st generation) or Ethereum (2nd generation) because it will be third generation blockchains like EOS that really power the change needed.

We NEED a BETTER future.

Decentralized Systems provide the best hope for a BETTER future.

EOS Blockchain provides the best foundation for decentralized systems.

YOU need to get involved to realize this BETTER Future.

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  1. Adil Elias

    That’s a throughout analysis, you can tell that you’ve put a lot of thought on that, thanks for sharing!

    And you’re right, centralization doesn’t have to always evil. We don’t have to demonize all competing ideas in order to explore a subject, so bravo for that.

    And thanks for the positivity btw! Here’s to a better world.