In Last May 2018 EOS was able to raise over 4 Billion Dollar by EOS token Sales. They have set aside a Billion US Dollar to be reinvested in EOS Dapps indirectly through VC. i.e EOS will not directly fund these project but will partner with major Venture capital fund who have expertise in this field. the creator of EOS has entered into Partnership with following VC:

  • Michael Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital (AUM : $ 250 Million)
  • Derek Rundell of Eric Schmidt’s TomorrowVentures
  • Finlab AG(AUM : $ 100 Million)
  • Michael Cao’s EOS Global (AUM: $ 200 Million)

Projects funded by EOS VC

1. Everpedia : $ 30 Million funding by Galaxy Digital

Everpedia which we all familer with, is represented by IQ tokens.It is decentralized form of Wikipedia which attracted lot of attention being the 1st EOS VC funded company. Everpedia aims to build the most accessible online encyclopedia, and not be as restrictive as Wikipedia. Everpedia allows users to create pages on any topic as long as the content is sourced.One of the goals of the company is to stop certain countries from blocking the content, by the integration of the block chain model.[28] Everpedia launched on the block chain on August 9, 2018, and launched on EOS block chain instead of Ethereum’s block chain as originally planned.

Everpedia is represented by IQ token with was airdropped to the EOS community on 5:1 ratio. Everpedia is the true power of block chain were content cannot be censored by an autonomous body like a government or large companies. Especially in countries like China, North Korean where the rate of Censorship is very high where government and political party muscle the companies like Wikipedia into altering the data. This is were the Decentralized form, Everpedia which will be helpful

2. High Fidelity : $ 35 Million funding by Galaxy Digital

High Fidelity provides a social virtual reality platform for users to create and deploy virtual worlds, and explore and interact together in them. The software is free and open source, and it supports the Oculus Rift (DK2 and CV1), including Oculus Touch controllers, and the HTC Vive, including HTC Vive Trackers

High Fidelity will create a token called High Fidelity Coin that will be needed to use the VR platform

Check out their website. The VR tech they are building is really cool. :

Check out their app :

3. VAEON : Undisclosed 7 figure by Finlab AG

This the latest company funded by EOS VC in the month of September 2018. VAEON is an independent, open protocol with built-in governance that seeks to redefine how personal data is structured, exchanged or sold. VAEON offers the user three key benefits: data privacy, data monetization, and a single source of truth.

VAEO is the native protocol Token. From the go through of their website they are planning to do an ICO with a hard cap of $ 30 million. As per their allocation structure their is no airdrop to the EOS Holders

In which platform do you think the EOS VC funding will happen next?

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