Here is an interview I have done some time ago with William Mieger – a therapist from Oregon. To use a clever shortcut I’d say that this is about electromedicine. Complimentary speaking, a holistic scientific point of view let me state that a human body is actually an energy system. Decades of researches put us in a situation where we can totally evolve the consensus about the perception of the reality. I’m sharing a few thoughts about the process.

[Can you imagine?! Just scale your attention down and think in terms of atoms, protons, electrons etc.. The flow of energy traced by your attention makes up an information which self-organize and heals]

We were talking about The Theraphi – a plasma device. The Theraphi generates a glowing field of energy which allows a person to compress bio-active charge along with focusing an attention.

The logo of The Theraphi comes from the Hathor temple at Dendera in Egypt. It nicely let us go beyond the ordinary understanding of the way people were living and how do live at the moment.

(photo: a plasma-lightbulb – Thanks to Meta Shih-Ya Lai)




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  1. Zeus69

    Great interview video, although a subject that is way beyond my brain capacity, LOL I will certainly try and research this subject further.
    Keep them coming.
    Thank you and Regards,
    Mark (Zeus69)

  2. TRUTH(@i-am)

    Yes,,,, we have created a TOXIC environment to live in,, both physically (the Planet) and mentally (material first culture-MSM). If you want to see some links between geometry and consciousness and “physical reality” (which has ONLY ever existed within an “experience” – within non-physical “consciousness”) you have to check out Quantum Physic’s EMERGENCE THEORY (E8 Crystal and the language of the physical):