A good breathing is the foundation of a healthy body. Any kind of good martial arts fighter, successful sports athletes, fitness gurus or yoga teacher will tell you that. It is recommended to take ten minutes per day to devote it to your healthy breathing. This will make you feel good and can improve your health system.

The following advice can also help if you are feeling bad. If you are feeling like you have a headache or your stomach doesn’t feel right it doesn’t always mean that you’re really sick. A lot of times it’s also stress of any kind that is causing us or rather our body no not feel good. The following can help you to relieve this stress and make you feel better. Especially in situations where you feel overwhelmed and need to “calm down” this can help you a lot. In an uncomfortable situation remind yourself to this exercise, it will definitely help you and give you the ability to think better and clearly after you feel better!

Here’s what you have to do:

1) Breathe in 4 seconds through your nose

2) Hold your breath for 16 seconds

3) Breathe out for 8 seconds through your mouth

4) Repeat this with little pauses between a few times – until you feel a positive change inside of your head

It’s important to take a little bit of time when you finished with step 3 and want to begin with step 1 again. If you do it too fast and often there’s a chance of getting unconscious. So please don’t “overdo” this exercise! Just continue this exercise as long as you feel good about it. You shouldn’t feel too much exhausted while doing this.

This doesn’t sound very much – but sometimes this exercise can help you a lot and it’s very easy to do!

If you don’t feel right with exactly 4 seconds for inhaling or can’t hold your breath for that long: Just try to inhale any amount, so that you feel fine. But make sure you try to hold your breath four times of that amount and exhale at least very much longer than you inhaled, at best the double amount of the time.

So for example: when you feel better by inhaling only 2 seconds you should try hold your breath for 6 seconds and exhale for 4 seconds.

Why does this help your body and how?

The lymph system of our human body can also be seen as a kind of sewage system. It protects the body by removing dead cells, blood proteins and other toxins together with the blood. The toxic toxins are then removed from the body by our waste products in various ways.

Through “correct” and especially deep breathing one can stimulate the flow of lymph in the body and strengthen its function to be able to perform powerful and purifying.

Deep breathing is important for the lymphatic system as it does not have any kind of independent pump compared to other organs. The lymphatic system requires the movement of the muscles that develop through breathing.

After I got know about this exercise I tried it in a lot of different situations and came to the conclusion that it really works! You can make your body really feel good in a short amount of time with this simple exercise. Also, it’s for free and natural, not like a pharmaceutical. Also, you can really do it almost everywhere: In the bus, train, at school, college, work, also in front of other people which usually don’t even realize what you’re doing.

So feel free to try this out for yourself and I hope this will make you feel better!

I got this tip from researching alternative medicines when I found about some of Dr. Coldwell’s work (http://drleonardcoldwell.com/). In some peoples view he has a controversial reputation because of some of his views in the field of medicine. From my view I’m very thankful for a lot of his works relating to life coaching and in the field of alternative medicines. His life is an extraordinary journey and he can be a very good teacher in a lot of different things – if you listen to him.


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