The current landscape with EOS dApps is now full of decent gaming and gambing dApps which accounts for more transaction volume than all the ETH dApps combined.  Leading the way is EOS.Bet which transition from ETH to EOS after successfully trialing Proof of Concept BETAs on both platform, other dApps which has attracted recent community interest where it generated over 434k EOS within 7 days of released.  The gambling and games dApps are superb for the EOS network as it will test the scalability and reliability, this will pave ways for future dApps onto the ecosystem.

So who wants a cool 10,000 TOKENS!  Se7ens will join a host of other gambling dApps on the EOS platform which is due to launch end of this week.  Se7ens took a snapshot of block 19,177,777 on the 1st October 2018 and anyone with an EOS active wallet balance will qualify for a cool 10,000 Se7ens token.  I will share with you the link and steps to sign up for this at the end of the article.

After visiting their website to find out more information which details 4 games that will be released onto the platform:

With no games currently live on the site, i thought i asked the admin in their Telegram group which confirmed a Whitepaper and a game shall be released this weekend.  Which they kindly shares with me:

What can you do with your SEVENS Token

  • You can play the game with you SEVENs token via Scatter
  • Passive Income, players can claim dividends every 3 Months and be awarded by the amount of SEVENS token they held
  • SEVENs Tokens will be listed on the EOS exchanges, no mention of which ones yet

Token Distribution

A total of 5 Billion SEVEN tokens supply will be in circulation.  The total AirGrab will be 3.5 Billion and remainder 1.5 Billion will be held by the team and the Network:

Will need to drill a little deeper when the whitepaper is released.

So WHERE do you SIGN up

So click on the following line and scroll down just pass the halfway point and you will come across the following section:

As is states, connect it up with Scatter and claim the SEVENS tokens.  Do note that due to the Airgrab will consume 0.22 KB of your RAM in order to receive the AirGrab.  So this should be a quick cool 10,000 SEVENs token you can earn.

Bounty Program

They are also doing 3 Bounty program to help you build up your pot such as Write an article, Make a Video and SEVENs design logo.

Enjoy the FREE tokens and share if you like to make that extra token.

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    1. Tony Lee Post author

      Hi Marco, it worked for me. I think some people mentioned they’re having issues airgrabbing on their scatter desktop. TomTom below seems to have been able to airgrab no probs.

    1. Tony Lee Post author

      You are welcome TomTom, good job getting those free tokens. Can you let us know what method you used, some users having issues so thought i try and clear and help Marco and Ian on the above chat

          1. Thomas Weber

            ok i got it. But something is a little strange… At eostracker it is only written “signup” and e.g. at eosflare it is already in regular balance… . At reddit someone stated it is no regular transfer.. I will wait and see… greets tomtom