There is no better time than now to get invested in cryptocurrency. The bear run is an indicator that, this is going to become the future of money and because the fiat economy is used to minting money for the sake of it, they fear a decentralized sharing economy where everyone is accountable to everyone.

I believe this is going to become the defining moment in the history of the world as it concerns decentralisation.

Take a look at the various innovations springing up, real innovations I mean. EOS right now is blazing the trail and putting dozens of projects capable of changing the world into the hands of the people. A decentralized economy system is what we need and in as much as it looks really farfetched,  it is closer than anticipated.

The model behind decentralisation I think is in place to make the people experience a life of freedom, liberty and ownership of their properties. No longer should a man be subject to the pains of the corrupt act of a few criminally insane.

Hands down, there is so much to be done to put corruption in the back seat but do not forget, it has become so powerful that it’s followers increases on a daily.

Joining like minded individuals to talk about the way forward and also to move in the direction of change is usually the first step in actualization of real change designed for the world.

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