Let’s look at some of the prominent capabilities of Telos. Telos uses delegated Proof of Stake as it has become de-facto option for the future smart-contract blockchains.

Telos has blazing fast execution. It has scaleability of EOSIO software (Att: Telos uses EOSIO source code as a base). Telos is truly a decentralized blockchain and it makes DPoS sustainable. Telos is planning to have the most even money supply distribution of any blockchain.

Telos token distribution also improves the governance in such a way that it becomes a more secure and sustainable blockchain.

As in above picture these are the three capabilities of Telos:

Telos Good Governance

Telos has a rich governance system from the Constitution to ongoing block producer elections, to worker proposal funding and dispute adjudication. No other blockchain offers the cohesive governance of Telos.

Telos DPoS (delegated Proof of Stake) Speed

The Telos network handles up to 5,000 transactions per second for blazing fast transactions and massive scalability. This means Dapps can reach a worldwide audience at the fastest average transaction speed of any blockchain—just 1.5 seconds!

Developer Focus  and easy DApps Development

Telos exists to provide a secure, stable, cost-effective network for deploying world class Dapps. Developers can expect affordable RAM prices and the ability to launch open-source or proprietary smart contracts with no transaction fees.

Telos also allows Proprietary DApps. All DApp code running on the OS mainnet must be open source. (according to EOS Constitution: Article VII). However Telos will not force developers to open source their code.

On top of this Telos also has a special Wallet.

Telos Wallet: Sqrl

Telos recommended Sqrl is a fully functional light-weight wallet. It is designed for the TELOS blockchain network. This Sqrl application can be used to connect to a remote TELOS API endpoint to perform producer voting actions and common wallet commands.

But Sqrl wallet basically can be used for any EOSIO based blockchain network. It can de downloaded at https://telosfoundation.io/downloads

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