Have you got wondered by the title? Don’t worry! I was too, when I read about it. So, long time ago a keyboard or organ and cats were aligned to build an instrument name ‘Katzenklavier’.

You can imagine seven to nine cats sitting in a row inside their cages separately. Their tails were settled down with the keyboard. When a musician hits the key of keyboard, the nail slams in the tails of cats. The cats who are arranged according to their voice pitches and tones – yowl together in pain by crying loudly.


A great confusion is found about this cruel kitty keyboard’s date invention. Kircher, a German scholar said that ‘The Katzenklavier’ was invented for a mopey monarch. He wrote about it in 1960 for the first time. It was actually invented for psychiatrists. Christian Reil (1759–1813) who was a german physician claimed that cat organ was designed to shake those mental patients who had lost their ability to focus. In the modern times, many “cat pianos” are available but they are not cruel, of course.

The idea was originated to entertain a stressed-out prince. Cats were selected according to their pitches. However, idea wasn’t even practical as how can you imagine the same pitch of cats meow’s by torturing them? The Katzenklavier was expected to cure unstable and crazy people of 19th century. A German physician named Johann Christian Reil believed that cat piano had the potential to provide health benefits to people.

Athanasius Kirche is considered as the inventor of cat organ. Its because he initiated the topic of Katzenklavier which was then discussed among thousands of people. It became the topic of interest in 16th century.

You can listen what Katzenklavier might sound in actual. Someone tried to recreate the process using squeaky toys.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day and stay blessed always! : )

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