Well That Didn’t Last Long

A EtherKnight race has just ended. Just as promised, The-City community and I backed Trump all the way. He won within 51 actions. We all split various amounts of the 4+ ETH jackpot. For the next round, I plan on backing Trump again. I will play it a little slower this time though, and hopefully we can get a bigger jackpot built up. Still I can’t be mad. I made a profit and secured some HDx20 tokens. The key is getting in early, so make sure you don’t miss the beginning of the next round. In about 3 hours.

Don’t Know How to Play?

If you don’t know how to play, here is a short summary. You have 4 racers. Anyone can invest in a racer, by sending ETH to a power-up for that racer and multiple racers if you wish. It is important to check the lower left of the screen to see which racer you are buying a power up for. When a power up is fully bought, its unique ability takes place. This speeds up your racer or slows down the other racers. Every time a power-up is bought, the race end time resets to 24 hours. There is a unique chest power-up that gives you an early shot at the jackpot. If you are successfull, you and the other investors in that racer get an early portion of the jackpot. The race ends when the timer reaches 0. If your racer wins, you get a portion of the jackpot according to your stake. Even if you racer loses, you still get dividends from all the racer investments after yours. For on final bonus, you also get extra HDx20 tokens when you buy-in with ETH. They have also changed it so that you can withdraw your dividends at ANY time now. This will be great for re-buys!

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