If you are trying to sell Bitcoin, you may want to look into Bitquick.co. I started using it last december to sell off small amounts of bitcoin, and so far I have not had any problems. They charge no fees to sellers, which is awesome! Most of my transactions have been pretty fast; some have happened on the same day, though some have taken multiple days. It only works if you have an account with a bank that works with the site, but the list of participating banks is pretty long. Your sale won’t finalize if your bank isn’t open, which can slow down the process, but if you post your sale earlier in the business week this usually isn’t an issue.

You can also further speed up your sale by setting your price lower than what is available, or if you aren’t in a hurry, you can set it higher. Sellers can choose whether they want to enter a set price, or use a dynamic price that tracks the current rate. If you pick the dynamic pricing option, you can pick from several different independent charts or an aggregate, and from there you can move your price + or – 0.00000001, whatever your goal may be. When I have had a bill due soon, and I needed the money right away, I just set the price to dynamic, and clicked the minus a few times until I had one of the lowest prices available. You can check this by clicking on the buy tab at the top, which will show you what sales are available through various banks. Obviously, if you have more than one bank on the list, you could potentially make your sale een faster, as buyers are constrained by what bank they can physically enter. So if you could offer multiple payment location options you would certainly have a bigger appeal. I have never tried this, though, but I haven’t had too much of a wait ever. I started out using Sun Trust, but they don’t have a branch in the state that I live in now, so I picked one from the list that had a branch closest to my house.

You need an account at any of the following banks or at a CO-OPCredit Union with shared branching. This list changes sometimes, so you may want to check it yourself. You can actually use Western Union or MoneyGram to receive funds if you don’t have an account with any of these banks, but you can only sell amounts upto $300.

5/3 Bank

ANB Bank

Bank Liberty

Bank of Colorado

Bank of the West

BBVA Compass bank

BMO Harris Bank

Capital One

CenterState Bank of FLorida


Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank & Trust Company

Comerica Bank

Commonwealth Bank

First Citizens Bank

First Northern Bank

HSBC Bank of USA

Huntington Bank

Key Bank

Navy Federal Credit Union

Old National Bank of Indiana

Pinnacle Bank

PNC Bank

Regions Bank

Santander Bank

Seacoast National Bank



Union Bank

Wintrust Bank

Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America work as well, but only with a business account.

Bitquick will let you know when someone puts a hold on your bitcoin, as well as when a deposit has been made. To be protected, you need to confirm the deposit within 3 hours, though I have not had a problem when I have taken longer than this.

I know there are a lot of options out there for selling bitcoin, but this has always been easy for me and worked out well, so I thought it might be useful to some of you. There is no fee for the seller at all ( buyer pays the fees, though I think these are fairly low, too) and you can potentially sell very fast, with customizable pricing. I tried looking through the site for a copyable list of participating banks; I didn’t find one, besides the scroll down menu, so I read out the names into a voice recorder and typed from that! But I did notice they have an affiliate program where you can earn btc from referrals, so I signed up. It only took a minute, and they sent sent me a confirmation email within a few minutes, so I will include that link here. I haven’t tried to many other methods of selling bitcoin, but this has been the easiest and least costly, and I haven’t had any problems after dozens of times using it.

You can alter your order at any time, or add more btc to sell, but you need to save the password. I have not always been able to get in to update my order on the first try, sometimes I have had to enter the password multiple times. Eventually though I was always able to get through.

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