Depression is a debilitating mental illness, “a silent killer” – that can affect anyone but it is definitely treatable. Many of us at times might feel sad but depression is a “prolonged sadness” that ends up affecting your quality of life and has you questioning your existence.

Let us have a look at a few ways in which someone can cope or deal with depression.

Firstly, being honest with yourself. Many people are in denial that they have depression. Understanding that you have this serious medical condition and wanting to do something about it is the first step to ensure that you get your life back on track and find meaning again.

Secondly, speaking to someone you trust about it. Speaking to a close family member or good friend that won’t judge you is a necessary step in coping with depression. Sometimes those close to you will be able to see patterns or changes in your behavior that you perhaps didn’t notice. You might have been a very outgoing person but in the last two months you ignore requests from friends to go out on weekends as you rather sleep-in and do nothing for the day. These are little signs that can attest to the fact that you might be suffering from depression.

Thirdly, getting help from a professional. It’s important to be evaluated by a professional such as a psychotherapist who will be able to assist you in understanding yourself and help you by means of verbal interaction as well as medicine such as anti-depressants if the need may be. There is usually a bad stigma attached to receiving such medication but be rest assured that this is for the best and the therapist wants to help you.

Lastly, believe that you will get better. This is a very important step thus kept for last. If you continue to try to remain positive throughout being diagnosed and through recovery, it will make the world of a difference. Remember that this is a mental illness and having a positive outlook and being around positive people will allow you to be easier on yourself.

Despite being such a common but serious illness, you can preserve through it. Following these steps will certainly help you as you get your life back from depression.

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  1. TRUTH(@i-am)

    Speaking as a psychobiologist,
    The problem with modern psychology is that they try to make biologically properly functioning minds be ok in a psychotic and often irrational culture. Most depression stems from an inability to have any control over ones life, leading to helplessness and a feeling that things can NEVER change. Psychology in general would do better to focus its energy on making SOCIETY more sane, thereby reducing the number of brains trying to rationally adapt to an irrational society and life style.

    Serotonergic psychedelics have the ability to break one out of their life long brainwashed belief structures and allows a person to create their own environment (a power they always had but were never taught to use – “follow your bliss” – Joseph Campbel) and thereby eliminating the cause of the depressive beliefs. One of the best places to participate in cutting edge research is in California:

    But of course, the well examined life is needed for one to get to a place of peace in this modern society of instant gratification and miss beliefs of what “freedom” is. Slavery can never be the stimulus for bliss and contentedness. This article helps explain: