Many stories come from coffee shops. Likewise with my writing. This post tells of my experience hunting for coffee in some elegant Coffee Shops (Warkop) in Aceh.

There are various impressions when I enjoy coffee at any Coffee Shop that I stop by.

Visiting any city in Aceh on business is my important activity. The profession that I live requires me to visit prospective clients who need my services. Usually, I wait for them at a Coffee Shop in the City.

Coffee shops are the only right place for Acehnese to talk about many things. Most Acehnese people also consider hanging out in a Coffee Shop a natural thing.

And many stories about the future start from a conversation at Warung Kopi. Discuss new business, plan a business, and discuss what has been implemented in the work plan that has been agreed upon previously. Everything often happens through chat at a Coffee Shop.

Young people in Aceh take advantage of the presence of many stylish new Coffee Shop like Coffee Shop that are in big cities in Indonesia. The Coffee Shop, which used to be just an ordinary shop, and impressed as it is, has evolved like a fancy Cafe. The cafes offer a lot of interesting new things.

Not only attractive physical buildings with beautiful ornaments and interior design, also almost all the new Coffee Shops in Aceh are equipped with Wireless Internet networks, known as Wifi.

As written in Indonesia, Wi-Fi (Wifi = waifai); a technology that utilizes electronic equipment to exchange data wirelessly (using radio waves) through a computer network, including high-speed Internet connections. And this is where the selling value (gensi) of a Coffee Shop becomes more increased.

Acehnese youth use the new facilities at Warung Kopi to socialize the media, look for school assignments or lecture materials, there are even a small number of those who already do business in the Maya World using Wi-Fi connections.

Along with the advancement of science and technology, information is increasingly flowing and gives us many new insights. And in my opinion, Trybe, which developed among the Acehnese, was influenced by the number of Coffee Shops that have Wifi.

If later, we conclude that some Acehnese knew Trybe for the first time at a Warung. Is it true?! Or how?

See you at a story in the next coffee shop.

***This is my original post published in Steemit with Indonesian. You can find the post [here](

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  1. AD

    Very enjoyable article. This comes from a guy who only started drinking coffee at 37 years old( 2 years ago). Now I’m fascinated with this energy boosting bitter liquid.
    Thank you for sharing. Voted.

  2. Marzuki

    Interesting writing brother Arbi.
    Past time, a lot of people who said that a coffee shop is a place of “poh cakra” (pula pade, pula campli, pula segala pula di atueh meh kupi, ungkot cot uroe hana mupat).

    Now, the activity is still going on, but it’s “poh cakra” can become promising income as your writing. many are rated