Trybe is a social sharing platform where you actually get rewarded for sharing a little information, knowledge, and advice.

Be it good, bad or ugly –  information is always in our face. We give knowledge daily and frequently receive suggestions throughout life. They are a form of human currency… Except, with one major flaw…

Who really knows what’s good advice, versus bad advice?

Welcome to Trybe. The community where people who share knowledge and insight get rewarded, and where others are incentivized to challenge or contribute to that information as they see fit.

Trybe is more than just an information exchange; It’s an information superhighway. A thoroughfare that rewards and motivates those who have something intelligent to share with the world.

This is a place where morals, honesty, community, care, and attention to detail are the jetfuel of the social sharing economy; where intelligent analysis of misinformation, fair play, and thought provoking interaction is king.

Come for the tokens, stay for the community. Welcome to Trybe!

Below you’ll find an interview I did with Tom Norwood, the founder of Trybe. I hope you enjoy it.

About this video:

A great talk with Tom from utilizing software about a knowledge sharing social media platform I love and enjoy airdropping on EOS soon. Tom is a really great guy and has a solid mission. While I have spoken to him many times in the past, I don’t think I have met too many people who are quite as hands on as Tom. Honest, polite, and very insightful, this was an amazing long form interview that really illustrates the use cases of Trybe and what Tom has up his sleeve for a vision.

Head over to now and sign up to get the airdrop. You might never leave…


White paper:… Drop by his telegram at

A great project that I am already very active on, done by some very interesting people.



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  2. EOSmastering

    Great video. This project is really surprising me in a positive way. The guys behind it are such nice people – working hard but taking their time to answer questions as well. And the actual white paper is looking REALLY interesting. I think they are looking at where other blockchain based blogging platforms has, I wouldn’t say failed, but at least not been fully perfected – and is seriously trying to make it better. This is how innovation is done. Truly excited about this project.