As an early adopter of EOS it’s great to see new and innovative ways being used to encourage new users in the the ecosystem, from mining, dividend payouts, airgrabs and contest/competitions. All of them seem to be working in their own way, and there’s no better time to get involved in them, as the odds are in your favor (the early bird catches the worm).

One starting tomorrow (15th Jan)  is from The Newdex EOS Exchange and involes their own Token!

They’re having a NDX Trading competition where they’re giving away 1288 EOS and 60,000 NDX Tokens!

The competition is going to be running from January 15th to January 21st, both starting and finishing at 04:00 UTC on these days.

If you want to get involved you will need to trade NDX tokens on the Newdex Exchange between the competition times.

There are are few things to take in to account, if you’re thinking about taking part in the contest:

Firstly you will only be included in the contest if you your Trading volume is equal to or larger than 3000 NDX Tokens (Around 1.4 EOS as of writing this). The top 10 Accounts based on ‘NET BUYING VOLUME‘ will each receive a prize as follows:

1st Place Prize = 888 EOS

2nd Place Prize = 188EOS

3rd Place Prize = 88 EOS

4th – 6th Place Prize = 28 EOS

7th – 10th Place Prize = 10 EOS

Don’t worry though if you don’t intend on buying huge volumes of NDX in the main part of the trading contest, you can still be in for a chance to win 2000 NDX tokens everyday, in the second part of the competition,  a LUCKY DRAW.

This will include all participants who have a trading volume of 3000 NDX and over.

Everyday 5 people will be picked to win 2000 NDX tokens, this will go on for all the 6 days of the contest.

So if you want to be involved, make sure you trade on Newdex between the 15th and 21st Jan.

Newdex Exchange –

Competition Info –

As someone who has already bought NDX Tokens in anticipation of some sort of profit share model coming in the future. I Think this is a great opportunity to win some free EOS or NDX, so i will be getting involved in the contest.

It’s Good to see the team at newdex promoting the use of their platform and encouraging its growth. It give me confidence in their ability to stay ahead of an ever competitive market.

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  1. Zeus69

    Thanks for sharing @jmceos, great post, looks like an eventful contest, I am useless at trading so I wont chance it myself, besides not even having the time. I have forwarded your post on. I hope you dont mind?
    Mark (Zeus69)