It is a true story of a man called “Dasrath Manjhi” and his wife “Falguni Devi”, They lived in a village called Gahlaur near Gaya a place in Bihar. They had a baby boy and after few years Falguni was pregnant again. Manjhi used to work in the fields and to reach there he had to go over the mountains as there was no other way.
This was the only way for The villages to get there daily needs and for transport connectivity.
One day as like any other day in Manjhi’s life he went to the fields to work and Falguni who was pregnant was taking lunch for him but to reach the fields she had to climb the mountain. Unfortunately Falguni foot got slipped and she fell down from the mountain then someone told Manjhi about the incident Manjhi Run into panic and took his wife to the hospital which was 70 to 80 km away.
But she was declared brought dead but she gave birth to a baby girl.
Manjhi was heart broken because he loved his wife more than anything else and began cursing the mountain and vowed to bring it down to break it’s ego. Manjhi took a hammer and a chisel and started walking towards the mountain. He had decided to make a path through the mountain so that no other person suffers like his wife dead. Many people tried to stop him but he did not listened to anyone.
As the years passed by, his village was hit by a massive drought and all the villager’s decided to leave the village. They asked Manjhi to come along but he refused to leave and continued what he was doing with no food and water.
Manjhi was forced to drink dirty water and eat leaves.
As the time passed by, The draught was over and the villagers came back and they were surprised to see Manjhi still alive and felt sad for him and some of them joined him in his battle which gave some hopes to Manjhi but soon they were stopped by the local officials. Manjhi was even arrested but due to his arrest there was a protest against the officials and they had to let him go.
After that, Manjhi alone carved out a 360 feet long, 30 feet high and 30 feet wide passage through the mountain which made the 55 km distance into 15 km. It took him 22 years to complete what he had started. In 2006 his name was proposed for Padma Shri award in social service sector.
But in 2007 on August 17th he passed away due to gallbladder cancer at that time he was 73 years old. So this was the story of Dashrath Manjhi popularly known as the mountain man who proved that nothing is impossible in this world. If one is determined towards his goals. The road which he built is used by the villages after his hard work for 22 years.




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