Yesterday watching ants work in many a dozen,
military style without disruption, and in unison,
each one carrying their load and in stride,
never faltering on the task at hand and pride.

This made me think of TRYBE and the members,
working together, teaching, learning, being mentors,
growing the team supporting each other, with respect,
these are values of a true community, and has an effect.

A TRYBE community needs leaders, as we are needed,
without one other, just a lone ant without its feed,
taking a little load off each other can move mountains,
a grain at a time will wonders make, and all earns.

Save your grains for those days lean and will grow,
the harsh moments the hard earns, will begin to show,
remember those that less have respect same, as thus,
as you never know who might be the next to lead, us.

A community is only as strong as the weakest link,
an ant colony will always ensure the strength sync,
all a goal to achieve, a rolling snowball gets bigger,
lets get it rolling together and it will grow, go figure.

As a member of TRYBE community, I will pledge,
my loyalty, my best, we walk in unison through dredge,
lets grow our colony and help with the extra load,
rough paths, cleared together does make a smooth road.

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    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Hey bud, large words, “bows down”, Im not worthy. – Thanks my friend its the members and community that keeps me inspired.
      Appreciate the read and comments.
      Mark (Zeus69)