Manu Invisibile is a young artist well known for his activity in the field of street-art and there are many works that the writer has made in my region, Sardinia, where he was born and studied. His drawings can be seen in many places such as along the Carlo Felice, which is the main road that crosses my region from south to north, and in different walls of my city, Cagliari.

Manu Invisibile has also made several works in Europe and in other Italian cities (London Camden town, Milan, Lugano, Bristol, Srebrenica ..). But it is also the “mysterious” aspect of this writer that makes it a really interesting character.

Manu Invisibile  always presents himself with a mask on his face and completely dressed in black. The news available on the web tells us that his artistic activity, such as street-art, began in 2006 and since then he has continuously created several works but has also conceived and participated in various artistic initiatives. Manu Invisible a few years ago was also the protagonist of a curious and significant court case: accused and tried for “smeared” of the walls owned by the State Railways without any permission, was acquitted at all levels of judgment because the courts have recognized the artistic value of his works.

It must be said, however, that Manu Invisibile is an artist engaged in some social activities and has been called by various public bodies to carry out street-art works and this shows the correctness of his work.

In Cagliari Manu Invisibile has been called to create some public works such as the mural dedicated to the poet Ugo Foscolo, which dominates the entrance of a city school dedicated to the famous Italian poet.

A few days ago the young and mysterious writer has completed the construction of another work in a high school citizen named this time to Michelangelo Buonarrotti.

I was able to follow this last of his works in the various phases and it was very interesting to see him at work.

Manu Invisibile works completely alone and, as his character imposes, always with the mask …. The street-art work, which involved an entire school wall (8×24 meters), was carried out in about four to five days. The first days were used for the preparation of the background and three days for the realization of the work. With the only help of a mechanical basket (always operated by him) that allowed him to reach all parts of the wall to decorate, Manu Invisible always with the mask on his face and dressed completely in black, continuously stirring the color cans and following the a pre-established scheme, has created this tribute to Michelangelo Buonarrotti who was greatly appreciated by the young people of the school.

The passersby occasionally stopped to take pictures intrigued by this young man with the black mask he was drawing on the school wall!

The drawing is based on some famous works by Michelangelo and his writing stands out across the wall where, at the top, even Manu Invisibile has left his unmistakable signature.

Here are some photos!

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